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Air 4 - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 5 - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 4 with Side Windows - Double Flat
From $5,880.60  $6,534.00
Air Getty - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 4 - Double Full Arch
From $5,063.85  $5,626.50
Air 4 with Thermal Break - Double Flat
From $5,447.61  $6,052.90
Air 5 with Side Windows - Double Flat
From $5,880.60  $6,534.00
Air 5 - Double Mini Arch
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90
Air Getty - Double Arch | Standard Sizes
From $3,291.51  $3,657.23
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The Best Exterior Double Doors at PINKYS

Originating thousands of years ago—in the days of Ancient Greece—double doors were once reserved exclusively for the grandest of structures. They adorned the facades of imposing temples, ornate public buildings, and the like. As the ages passed, they retained that aura of elegance and sophistication often found fitted to the front of palaces, castles, and manors.

These days, they're a little more accessible and widespread, in use everywhere from schools and offices to residential homes. But, regardless of where they're installed, they still bring that same sense of grandeur and scale they always have, elevating a building's exterior, expanding its appeal, and making a statement, all at once.

Reasons to Choose Double Doors

If you're considering a new front door for your home, or a set of patio doors to adorn the rear, double doors are far from your only choice. There are other options out there, like the traditional single door or something more quirky and out-of-the-ordinary, like pivot or barn doors. However, out of all those options, double doors bring a lot of distinct advantages to the table.

A Statement Piece

There's no doubt about it, double doors make a statement. Imagine two identical homes side-by-side. Now picture one with a single front door and the other with a set of double front doors instead. It's clear that the home with the double entry doors will have an extra layer of allure, a little extra class, and a certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from its neighbor.

This is one of the many reasons why double doors have so often, throughout history, been used on the most luxurious and fancy of properties. They exude elegance, style, and refinement, elevating the homes and buildings they're attached to. Like a striking swimming pool or a gorgeous garden, they're superior statement pieces for the exterior of the home.

Space and Convenience

The benefits of double doors don't merely revolve around aesthetic impressions. These doors also bring added functionality, security, and convenience, wherever they're placed. Twice as large as a standard front door, a double door provides much more room, when fully opened, for moving items (like large and heavy pieces of furniture) in and out of the property.

So, let's say you've got large bedrooms and living spaces inside your home, and you need similarly large items to furnish them, like corner sofas and grand, king-size beds. Fitting such items through a standard front door can be a challenge. But, with a double door installed, it's infinitely easier. Even the house's biggest items can pass through the gap with minimal fuss.

Adding Allure and Atmosphere to the Entrance

Stepping through a set of double-entry doors is an experience. There's just something about the size, scope, and scale of these doors that makes them more imposing and impressive to open up and walk through than any other type of door. As such, they're phenomenal for forming a fantastic first impression on guests and creating a genuine atmosphere around your home's entryway.

With double front doors, the very act of stepping into the home becomes more emotionally moving, more engaging, and more exciting, and all the space around is lifted and enhanced by the presence of those doors. If you have a lobby or foyer area behind your double front door entrance, for example, it'll feel so much more impressive and alluring as a result.

Letting in More Natural Light

A massive aspect of modern design is the focus on natural light. The world over, leading architects and designers are constantly seeking new ways to bring more of that light into the home, to illuminate living rooms and surrounding spaces with nothing but sun rays. It helps to bridge the gap between outside and inside, creating that "indoor-outdoor" style that so many modern homeowners seek.

Well, a double door can help with that. Many of the best double door designs come with multiple glass panels, whether they be in sidelights, transoms, or built right into the frame of the doors themselves. This not only blurs the lines between the outside and in, but it also paves the way for much more natural light and color to enter the home, unobstructed by walls and blockades.

Elevating Your Home's Appeal and Value

Many people take just as much pride in the exterior of their properties as they do in the interior. They want the outside of their property to reflect the love and care they feel for it, to project part of their personality to the outside world. It's not just about curb appeal or impressing the neighbors and passers-by, it's about feeling comfortable and at ease with your property, inside and out.

For exterior aesthetic appeal, few options can compete with the inimitable beauty and unabashed grandeur of double front doors. They bring an instant jolt of splendor and style to any exterior, boosting not only your home's appeal but its value, too. Indeed, surveys and reports suggest that homes with double-door installations often sell more easily and at higher prices than those without.

A Vast, Versatile Array of Double Doors Styles and Designs

Double doors come in numerous forms. Just like their single-door counterparts, they're almost endlessly customizable, with a veritable rainbow of colors, styles, and materials for buyers to choose from. There are traditional wooden variants—like mahogany double doors. At the other end of the spectrum, there are modern, minimalist alternatives, forged of steel and iron. The options go on and on.

What's more, double-door installations open new opportunities for extras and add-ons to embellish your entryways and enhance your home's appeal. The aforementioned features like symmetrical sidelights and transoms, for instance, look particularly at home beside a set of double front doors. Or you could augment your entrance in other ways, with a roof, steps, or lights, all adding to the allure of the double doors.

What Makes PINKYS Exterior Double Doors Different?

Elegance. Refinement. Sophistication. These are some of the words most commonly associated with double doors. But they're not all made equal. To enjoy the best that double front doors have to offer, it's important to choose a trusted, proven provider, a provider like PINKYS.

A Trusted, Experienced Name in Front Doors

PINKYS took root back in 1978. That was when we first began piecing together our earliest front door designs. In the decades since, we've honed our craft, perfected our approach, and fine-tuned our design and development processes to deliver the very best front doors, interior doors, windows, and other products to our valued customers. 

With time, comes experience, and the PINKYS team is one of the most experienced around. We know doors. We understand the impact they have on a house, and we respect the incredible presence, beauty, and delight a well-made door can bring. That's why we put our experience to good use, taking the lessons we've learned to deliver doors that excel in all areas, from security and strength to aesthetics.

Crafted with Passion and Care

A lot has changed since those early days back in the late 1970s when PINKYS began. But one thing that has always remained the same is our passion. Right from the start, all the way up to the present day, the PINKYS team has poured heart and soul into the products we make, always striving to not merely meet customer expectations, but exceed them.

From the smallest and simplest of front doors to the largest and most sophisticated double-door installations, we treat every project and product with that same high level of passion and care. The result? Some of the finest front doors for sale on the market today are built to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Inspired by Southern California Sunsets

At PINKYS, our love for doors is only matched by our appreciation of the Southern California landscapes that surround us each day. This part of the world is special, unique, and famous for its glistening golden sunsets, otherworldly beaches, and expansive, energetic cities. It's a land of hope, excitement, creativity, and dreams of a brighter, better tomorrow.

SoCal inspires us. Like an artist's muse, it informs the choices we make and the designs we develop. Indeed, through our double doors, we hope to transmit some of that inimitable, ethereal essence, that SoCal spirit. It permeates the steel and iron that form the frames of our double doors and enshrouds each creation, delivering a sliver of Southern California sunshine wherever it ends up.

A Range of Customization Options

We believe in the importance of individuality. And we know that every homeowner has their precise vision for how they want their property to look and feel. Each property is unique, after all, with its quirks and specifications that set it apart from the rest. Thus, each door, while only a relatively small piece of the overall home needs to be uniquely tailored to suit its surroundings.

That's why our double doors come with a whole suite of customization options. Take the Air 4 Double Flat, for example. When you order these double doors, you can select from a great range of different sizes to fit the precise measurements of your home's entrance, as well as select from multiple swing directions. Other doors in the collection also offer different jamb sizes, glass types, and frame colors.

Designs to Suit Every Style of Home

From classic Colonial-era manor homes to more modern, minimalist designs, today's homes come in all shapes and styles. Fortunately, so do PINKYS double doors. From the effortless elegance of the Air 5 to the gentle arching form of the Getty, the PINKYS double door range is varied and versatile, making it easy to find the right fit for your property.

You'll also find double doors with an array of additional features to suit openings of various sizes and styles, like the Air 4 with Side Windows to let in more natural light, or the Air 5 with Thermal Break technology to improve your home's efficiency. Additionally, many of our designs transcend the typical rules and boundaries of style and theme, offering timeless, universal appeal to befit homes of all ages.

The Highest Quality Standards in Materials and Methods

PINKYS strives for greatness in all of our front door designs. We aim to be the best at what we do, delivering not just doors, but experiences. We never settle for second best. That applies not only to the materials we choose to work with when making our doors but also to the artisan manufacturing methods we utilize to piece each door together.

Using all the benefits of our experience and expertise, we uphold the highest standards across the board, using premium metals to forge each frame and high-end glass to slot in each pane. Each door, from exterior double doors to interior alternatives, is given the same treatment, ensuring quality across the entire PINKYS product catalog.

Designed with Strength and Durability in Mind

Fiberglass. Composite. Wood, like mahogany or oak. When it comes to double doors, there are many materials to choose from. But, at PINKYS, we eschew weak and ill-fitting options in favor of the strongest, sturdiest, and most durable options. That's why we work exclusively in steel and iron, crafting the mightiest metal doors for security, protection, and long-lasting durability.

Other materials bend, buckle, and break down over time. But PINKYS metal double doors maintain their structure and solidity for generation after generation. Built to withstand the harsh exterior forces that front doors are often exposed to, like storms, wind, snow, sun, and shifting temperatures of the seasons, you can count on PINKYS double doors to go the distance.

Order Your New Double Entry Doors Today at PINKYS

Perhaps you're seeking a new set of doors to transform your property. Or doors to grant your home's facade a fresh and exquisite layer of elegance Either way, PINKYS double doors could be exactly what you need. Crafted from durable metal, easy to install, built to last, and designed by expert artisans, our double doors fuse functionality, style, and poise in equal measure.