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Office Doors

Your office is your business castle, and you want to protect it as much as possible. Beyond all the equipment and furniture in the building, your office is home to sensitive business secrets that can't fall into anyone else's hands.

But beyond security, there's also the aesthetic side of things to consider. You want to beautify your office space with stunning doors that last for many years to come.

At PINKYS, we offer commercial doors designed for the interior and exterior of your office. To help you make the right choice for your building, let's look at what to consider when choosing office doors.

The Key Considerations When Choosing Office Doors

Your key concerns when choosing office doors will vary depending on your priorities. For example, those looking for exterior doors may prioritize security above all else. But for interior doors, you may prefer something that offers beauty, with privacy and durability being lesser concerns.

Nevertheless, with such a huge variety of doors to choose from, these are the five considerations you have to keep in mind.

Understand the Different Types of Office Doors

There is no single type of office door. You have many choices when it comes to materials, the most popular being wood and steel. Aluminum is also fairly common, with some even choosing plastic laminate doors for their offices.

Some doors have glass panels, others open and close automatically, and certain office doors need to be fire rated before you can install them.

Practicality should always be at the top of your mind when choosing your door. It doesn't matter how good the door looks in its frame if it doesn't serve its purpose.

Strength and Durability

The most sensitive of office projects can only stay that way when your office door is durable enough to protect the room.

However, you may need to compromise durability for certain types of stores or offices. For example, the door may need a window if you want people to be able to take a peek inside.

The Look You Want to Achieve

Your office (and business) has its own style. The office doors you choose represent that style visually, even going so far as to set the aesthetic standards your business follows.

Stains, materials, and your specifications all play into the look you achieve with your door.


Maintenance is an easily forgotten issue when choosing your doors. For example, wooden doors may look great but are also susceptible to damp weather. The same goes for steel or iron if it's untreated. No matter what you choose, you need to keep the door in good condition.

Consider how much time you're willing to dedicate to maintaining the door. Elegant designs aren't always the best if taking care of the door becomes a big project for your team.

Your Budget

Money matters when it comes to office doors. Your business has a budget that you need to meet when making your choice.

A lack of budget may restrict your options. However, it can also simplify your search by allowing you to scratch certain types of doors off your list. Of course, a higher budget allows you to go all out, with some opting for doors built for specific purposes when they have the money.

Commercial Wood Doors or Steel Doors

Wood or steel is the big question when it comes to choosing office doors. Let's stack the two materials against each other.


Steel doors are the clear winner here because wood is susceptible to more issues. Beyond rot caused by the weather, wood can also get infested by pests. There's also the problem of wood being a flammable material.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for this comparison. Some prefer the simple style of wood doors, while others prefer to make a statement with carefully designed steel doors. As long as you buy from a manufacturer with the highest standards, the style question comes down to personal preference.


It's natural to assume that steel is automatically the most expensive of the two materials. But quality plays a role in price as well. A low-quality wooden door costs less than a steel door. However, the higher the quality of the wood, the more likely the door becomes more expensive than a steel equivalent.

Office Interior Steel Doors vs. Office Exterior Steel Doors

Assuming you've decided on steel doors, you have one more thing to consider before you start looking at options:

Where will the door go?

If it's an exterior door, strength is likely your priority. The door must act as a barrier to stop people from getting in without your say-so. However, some people prioritize looks over security. If you want a door that lets people to look into the office, or simply want a door that gives your office a sense of presence, you may have to compromise on security.

Office interior doors give you more room to maneuver stylistically. You can go for single flat doors if you want something to separate different rooms in the office. Alternatively, you can opt for arched doors, or similar designs, especially if you have an awkward space the door needs to fit.

Regardless, there are some issues that affect both types of doors. You need something that's the right size for the job, and that matches your taste as a business owner. And in both cases, you have to balance looks against your need for security.

Find Your Next Office Door at PINKYS

Your office deserves to look beautiful while still being a secure building for sensitive company information.

At PINKYS, we offer a huge range of steel office doors available in many sizes. No matter what you need your door to provide, you'll find a great option at PINKYS. We also design doors for special orders, meaning we can overcome any design hurdles that would otherwise stop you from finding the perfect door.

All that's left is to get a quote for your stunning steel office door. Contact PINKYS today, and let's work together to beautify your office.