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Decorative Sidelight
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Everything You Need to Know About a Door with Sidelights

You're looking for a home improvement option that doesn't break the bank but will add some much-needed curb appeal. What better place to start than with sidelights on the exterior doors of your home?

Not familiar with doors with sidelights? Discover why these types of entry doors are one of your best options for home improvement.

What Are Sidelight Doors?

Sidelight doors are doors that include are narrow vertical pieces made of glass on one or both sides. These are built into the door's frame during assembly. Some versions are placed inside their own interior casing and installed into rough openings on the side of front doors.

Sidelights are stationary, which means they don't usually open or close. However, some modern doors with sidelights that have operational windows.

Sidelights complement both the interior and exterior doors of your home. They're available in half-length, three-quarter-length, and full-length options.

The Benefits of a Door with Sidelights

Attractive sidelights use glass to give your house extra pizzazz. Still, there are benefits beyond the aesthetic when it comes to entry doors with glass sidelights.

Get a Proportional Door

Imagine that the front of your home has a wide façade. In these cases, a regular front door won't do the job. Your front door may look attractive enough, but it gets dwarfed by the vastness of the façade surrounding it.

Adding sidelights to your front door will give it a greater presence. It brings your door into proportion with everything surrounding it, creating a more cohesive exterior for your home.

Plenty of Natural Light

Though there are different styles of doors with sidelights, they all can let more natural light into your home.

Sidelights use large panes of glass to let light in, which adds warmth and beauty to your room while helping to open the space up. If you have a dark and dingy room with no windows, sidelights are often perfect for letting in light.

Typically, sidelights have a similar proportion of glass pane as the doors they complement. In some cases, like with mahogany doors, you might put large glass pane sidelights around a pane-free door to create a unique aesthetic for your home.

These products are effective when installed as front doors. Having natural light flood into the room ensures your home is bright and welcoming to guests.

Attractive Views

Is obtaining a home with a view high on your list? If so, having sidelights will put you in the right direction. Glass side windows on your exterior doors can give you attractive views of the outside world.

Sidelights especially stand out on patio doors. These types of windows vary in size and are custom made. Installing them on rear doors gives great views of your garden and the landscaping efforts surrounding your home.

The Downsides of Doors with Sidelights

Though doors with sidelights offer plenty of advantages, there are a few downsides to consider.

Privacy Concerns

Glass built into exterior doors creates the possibility that people can get a look at what's inside your home.

Privacy concerns are solved by using stained glass or frosted glass on your front doors. You may elect to place large curtains on your front door, but that'll eliminate the benefits related to natural light and attractive views.

They Take Up Space

Sidelights doors take up a lot of space. If the entryway to your home is small, a stock door with sidelights won't fit.

Fortunately, many manufacturers make front doors to order, allowing you to get something that's made for your space. You can also install a single sidelight rather than having them on both sides of the door. If you're dead set on fitting sidelights, you can break down a wall to add more room.

Shop for Doors with Sidelights From PINKYS

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If you're ready to add the perfect iron doors to your entryway, browse the deals on PINKYS sidelights and other products today. If you'd like to make a purchase, get in touch with our team via our contact page.