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Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 42" x 24"
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 42" x 12"
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 32" x 24"
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 30" x 24"
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 30" x 12"
Air 4 Interior Transom - Flat Top - 36" x 36"
Air 4 Interior Transom - Flat Top - 30" x 54"
Air 4 Interior Transom - Flat Top - 30" x 36"
Air 4 Interior Transom - Flat Top - 42" x 36"

Light Up Your Entryway with Door Transoms

A door transom can give your home the light it needs without adding any bulbs or fixtures. Our front doors with sidelights and transom and interior doors with transom are quick and easy to install. These provide a luxurious feel to any exterior door with transom, or front door with transom.

Double doors with transom and single doors with transom allow you to share light between rooms, making your doorway brighter, and wider. Adding an iron door transoms or steel door transoms will add a distinctive style to the doorway of your living space. Entry door transoms and interior doors with transom are a great way to enhance the entryway of your home, giving it more of a statement.

Not only do transoms add architectural interest to a doorway, but they also bring a lot of functional benefits. But what exactly is a transom on a door? This guide covers everything you need to know about door transoms, including the different types available at PINKYS.

What Is a Door Transom and Why Do You Need One?

A transom is a common feature of many rear and front doorways, used for either decorative or functional purposes, or both. It generally consists of an area above the door where transom windows—also called transom lights—can be installed. 

In addition to making a house more aesthetically appealing, transoms promote natural light transmission inside a building. They are also often used in interior walls for the same purpose, being particularly beneficial in spaces with long and narrow ceilings. 

Moreover, traditional operable transoms can also improve ventilation and natural air conditioning.

PINKYS transoms can be paired with sidelights. These narrow vertical windows stretch at one or both sides of a front door. Sidelights visually complement other elements of the doorway while transmitting even more light.

Advantages of Using a Door Transom

A transom window is an excellent addition to any house exterior, as it offers both practical and style advantages. 

  • Transom windows provide more natural light for a room or hallway.
  • Transoms also help circulate air between rooms. 
  • From a decorative viewpoint, transom windows add character and interest to the area around your doors. 
  • With a wide array of transoms available in many materials and designs, they can be tailored to fit whatever style you choose. 

For these reasons, transoms make a valuable and practical addition to any entryway.

Types of Transom Windows

Essentially, most designs come in flat, semi-circular, arch-top, and full-circle shapes, making it easy to choose one that fits your desired aesthetic. Moreover, they can be operable or tightly hinged and fixed inside the wall opening.

Transom windows can be made of different materials to match the doors. That includes wood, aluminum, iron, steel, and others.

Some transom windows also offer energy efficiency benefits by creating an airtight seal between the front door frame and the window. Such models make a great option if you are looking to reduce energy costs while adding style to your home. 

Types of Glass for Transom Windows

Single glazed: The most basic style available on the market. It consists of a single pane of clear glass or fiberglass held in place by a frame. Single-glazed door transoms are affordable but not very energy efficient and do not provide much sound insulation.

Double Glazed: Features two panes of glass instead of one, separated by a spacer bar and sealed with a sealant. Double-glazed door transoms provide good sound insulation and energy efficiency.

Triple Glazed: Triple-glazed door transoms are the most energy-efficient type of door transom available on the market. They consist of three panes of glass separated by spacer bars and sealed.  

Laminated Glass: This type of safety glass consists of two or more layers. The panes are bonded together with a layer of plastic in between. Laminated glass is often used in door transoms as it is strong and durable and provides good sound insulation.

Tempered: These panels are heated to high temperatures and then cooled rapidly. The process makes them safer, stronger, and more durable than regular glass.  

Low-E Glass: The Low-E design features a thin coating of metal oxide on the surface, which reflects heat into the room. It helps make the space cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  

Argon Gas Filled: This type of transom window contains argon gas between the panes. Being heavier than air, the gas helps improve the insulating properties of the window. 

Krypton Gas Filled: It's very similar to argon models. However, krypton gas-filled transoms are more energy efficient and can help reduce your heating and cooling costs even further.

Self-Cleaning: The self-cleaning glass features a special coating that breaks down dirt and debris. Low maintenance requirements make them a very popular option.

How to Measure for PINKYS Transom Window

First, determine the width and height of the space available. You'll want to ensure that the transom will fit properly in this area.

Next, measure the distance between the top of your doors and the ceiling (or a horizontal beam). This is to ensure that your transom window won't collide with any other features in the room. 

Finally, measure the width between the left and right sides of your door frame. That will help you determine which type of transom window (e.g., semi-circular or full circle) would best fit in the opening. You can also consider arranging several smaller windows of the same size.

PINKYS Installation Tips for Door Transoms

Before you install the feature, make sure the wall openings where the transom will be placed are adequately prepared. Pay special attention to surface quality and any wall protrusions that might interfere with installation.

It's important always to read our product information regarding the required tools, hinges, materials, and security procedures. If you need more assistance, consider hiring a professional installer. That will ensure your door transom will be mounted safely and correctly.

Door Transom Maintenance and Care 

Taking proper care of your PINKYS door transom is essential to ensure its lifespan and good condition. 

  • Regularly inspect the panels to check for any wear and damage that may have occurred. 
  • With wood transoms, use a soft cloth to regularly dust them and clean any scuffs or marks. 
  • Glass panels should be kept free from dirt and soap residue by washing them with warm water and non-abrasive cleaners. 
  • Regular sealing or repainting is recommended for wood panels in order to preserve their look for the years to come. 

Keep your door transom working perfectly by investing in professional servicing once every couple of years. This will save you from potentially costly repairs in the future.

In Short

Overall, installing transoms over your doors is a great way to add a decorative touch and bring more light into any room. With a variety of designs and materials available at PINKYS, you can customize the look of your house's interior & exterior. Browse our shop today and create something functional, stunning, and unique tomorrow!