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Fabulous Wine Cellar Doors From PINKYS

Wine cellars are magical places.

They're so much more than places to stash your wine collection. The best wine cellars feature wine racks upon wine racks, giving you a beautiful space to enjoy your investment (and maybe the occasional bottle of wine).

It's the entry into your wine cellar that sets the stage for what's to come. When you invite somebody to see your prized wine collection, you want your wine cellar doors to make the best possible first impression. Here we explore the elements of a great wine cellar door and highlight several from the extensive PINKYS collection that are handcrafted for your cellar's needs.

What to Look For in Wine Room Doors

The best wine cellar doors create an enchanting atmosphere before you ever set foot into the cellar itself. They combine a visually appealing style with the strength and materials needed to guard your beautiful wine cellar.

With that in mind, here are the five elements to look for in a wine cellar door.

A Sturdy and Airtight Frame

There are two things to look for in any wine cellar door:

  • Strength
  • Airtightness

The strength side of things is obvious. Your door has to be tough enough to protect your magnificent wine collection. That means using exterior-grade materials, even for an interior door.

But why look for an airtight door?

Air can be the enemy of wine. When too much air gets inside your cellar, it heats or cools the room. Both can have a negative effect on your wine, especially those that you need to keep at a constant temperature. For example, a red wine that cools too much (or gets too warm) loses the distinct characteristics that make it so special. Insulated glass fitted into the door can solve this problem. But on a more general level, you need the door to offer a perfect fit to its frame while having no gaps that allow air to intrude into your wine cellar.

Quality Materials

Choices abound when it comes to the materials you use for your wine cellar doors. Solid wood is common. Maple, mahogany, knotty alder, oak, walnut, and so many other wood species can be used to create a custom door that offers a grand entrance into your cellar.

But wood isn't airtight.

Wood doors allow air to seep through, which can wreak havoc on what you're trying to achieve with the cooling system built into your wine cellar.

For that reason, PINKYS creates wrought iron wine cellar doors. With iron, you get a stunning door that has a powerful frame. Plus, you can create the view your beautiful wine cellar deserves when you have glass doors supported by a PINKYS iron frame.

Door Dimensions

Standard wine cellar doors may do the job if you have a standard frame. But what if the measurements don't align. Trying to fit a standard door into a mismatched frame is like trying to force a square peg through a round hole. It won't work, and you'll end up with gaps that allow air to seep into your home wine cellar.

Accurate measurements are key.

Measure twice (at least) and search for doors that match the dimensions of your entryway. Of course, PINKYS can help you here with custom wine cellar doors made in a variety of styles.

Weather Stripping

Quality weather stripping offers an extra layer of protection against the great outdoors in your wine room. Again, it all comes down to creating an airtight room.

Thankfully, you can easily test the weather stripping used for wine cellar doors. Close the door and try to slide a piece of paper underneath the door. If the paper gets jammed, your entry door has good weather stripping.

The Little Personal Touches

With the practical considerations out of the way, there's one more thing to look for - the little things that make your wine cellar door unique to you.

If you want to create a rustic feel, wrought iron doors offer sleek and simple lines that offer the perfect entry into your wine room. Wrought iron is also malleable, which means we can shape it into intricate patterns to create a unique design for your door.

The point is that your wine cellar doors say a lot about you. With the practical issues taken care of, think about how your door speaks to your artistic side.

Our Wine Cellar Door Options

We could spend hours writing about the customized wine cellar doors we build for our clients.

Perhaps we should tell you about out Air Pantry doors. With their prominent windows and powerful iron frames, these doors mesh Scandinavian design principles with our own infusion of Southern Californian inspiration. Elegant and simple, these doors offer a window into your wine cellar that is sure to inspire anybody who passes by.

Perhaps you have a larger space and pantry doors simply won't do. Alternatively, you want something grander in scale. Our elegant Air Lite range offers what you're looking for. As a nearly pure glass door, an Air Lite door features a single large pane that allows you to explore your wine cellar without setting foot within it. They're the perfect choice for those who like to admire their collections but don't want to mess with the carefully controlled temperature within their wine room.

Of course, this is just a handful of choices from the PINKYS range. Every wrought iron wine cellar door we create is infused with the passion and love we bring from California. Whether you need a flat or arched top cellar door, our designers craft beautiful creations that transform your cellar into your personal heaven.

We often encourage our customers to "enjoy the view" with a PINKYS door.

With one of our wine cellar doors, you can take that advice literally.

Find Your Wine Cellar Doors at PINKYS

Your wine cellar is the highlight of your home. But it's your wine room doors that give people their all-important first impression of the space. Elegant. Simple. Effective. Those are the qualities PINKYS imbues into every cellar door we create. Explore our range and invite designs inspired by the beauty of Southern California into your home.