Installation Guide

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  • Very Heavy

  • Requires 2 or more able bodies

  • Following instructions must be followed for warranty to be valid

    - NEVER leave uncovered

    - NEVER allow the product or shipping package to get wet

    - ATTENTION remove nails from crate prior to removing product to avoid scratching the product

  • Store product correctly Warning Very Important!

    - ALWAYS remove shipping packaging when received

    - ALWAYS store in a DRY and SAFE place using fabric padding

    - NEVER use shipping packages to store the product

    - ALWAYS wipe ANY moisture off product as moisture will cause product finish to bubble and rust

  • Hardware specifications

    Backset, Borehole, Door Width
  • Waterproofing preparations required before installation

    - ALWAYS follow waterproof manufacturers instructions and guidelines

Tools Needed Doos and Donts Sign
Team Wrok Doos and Donts
Door Setup Doos and Donts
 Leveler Doos and Donts
Sissors Doos and Donts
Tools Needed Doos and Donts Sign

Doors are manufactured as one unit with their frames. If you have received multiple sets of the same size door, match the serial number of the frame with the door(s).

Refer to the CAD drawing that is on the packaging of the doors & frame (see below illustration). Ensure you match the entire serial # & do not mix serial numbers between units. Hanging doors on the incorrectly matched frame can result in alignment issues.

Sissors Doos and Donts
 Opening Wood Box
 Careful with Nails

Storing of Doors & Frames

Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame
Make sure Circled areas are flushed

Our doors and frames are packaged for transport only. The plastic wrapping is only for shipping purposes and will not protect doors and frames against elements such as water moisture* or humidity**. Please make sure to remove both doors and frames from all packaging if you will be storing them for a future install date. Use towels and make sure to store in a safe place as the frame is top heavy.

Please reference the photo on the left for an example of paint bubbling that may be caused by water/humidity if stored in plastic wrapping and left enclosed.

*Avoid any type of moisture from getting into packaging as it will not be able to escape and will cause the paint to bubble or rust. *If your doors/frames happen to get wet, they MUST be wiped down IMMEDIATELY. *If your doors/frames get wet during offload or during storage, remove doors from the box immediately to avoid damage. **Doors/frames that will be stored in humid areas will also need to be opened from transportation package immediately to avoid damage.

Cleaning & Maintaining Iron/Steel Doors & Windows

Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame
Iron Door Spray

It is important to maintain your new iron/steel doors and windows throughout the year. We recommend you wipe down your door/window at least once a month with Pinky's Iron door Spray.


Using water, soap, and chemical cleaning agents will lead to rust and cause the paint on the door to dry out (removing the moisture from the paint), and may eventually lead to cracking/peeling of paint, discoloration, etc, over time.

Only use Blue Painters Tape on Pinky's Products

Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame

Pinky’s Iron Doors is not liable for any damages caused by misuse of tapes and adhesives on your Pinky’s product.

Door Damage Section

Please do not use any tape or adhesive other than blue painters tape to mask, cover, or for any purpose on your Pinky’s products.

If the blue painters tape is needed for extended amounts of time, please replace tape regularly as the sun can bake the adhesive onto the painted area.

If you must use red duct tape for stucco work or otherwise, please first apply the blue painters tape and mask with red duct tape over the blue painters tape to avoid any contact with the door/frames paint itself.

Using any other type of tape directly on your Pinky’s products will result in peeling/bubbling of the paint, as seen in the photo on the left.

Need Help?

If you need installation assistance, please contact us at: or (844) 843-6677

We provide free remote support only and will not come out to job sites. If you have any installation issues or questions, please send us an email with all necessary (well-lit & quality) photos along with an explanation regarding the issue. One of our technicians will review your inquiry and guide you through email or phone.

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