Transform Your Workspace with Office Doors with Glass

The office is where big business happens. Coming up with innovative ways to enhance the work environment–leading to improved productivity–is crucial in the modern fast-paced world.

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And let's not forget about the importance of transparency.

So what better way to ensure a whole package than with a glass office door?

Glass office doors are slowly becoming a staple across the business world. Their visual appeal and natural light-enhancing benefits are only some of the reasons why more businesses incorporate them into their office setups.

Here's what you should know about these beneficial interior doors.

Types of Glass Office Doors

Glass doors have something for all needs. They come in a variety of forms, designs, and types. Most of them have a metal or wood frame, but you can also get a glass-only option.

In fact, you can choose from any of the following types for your office.


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Traditional office interior doors come in a framed glass design. If you're trying to evoke an old-school office feel and a more enhanced visual structure, learn more about framed glass doors.

No frame

Frameless doors are all about style, modernity, and elegance. They transform office spaces into contemporary work hubs and are available in a variety of designs and styles. But more on these designs later.


Bi-fold office doors are great for expansive offices that overlook a yard and have large walls. There are various types of bi-fold doors, but the ones with glass between the frames are commonly used in offices.

PINKYS Iron Doors Air 4 Bifold Doors for Kitchen Patio


Pivot doors are special because they are hinged at the top and bottom (standard doors hinge on the side). You can now insert pivot doors in spaces with a smaller width, which wasn't possible when this option was first developed.


Sliding doors are some of the most stylish options for offices, bedrooms, and other places that can fit interior glass doors. They slide to the side and into walls to open, as opposed to outwards, and aid interior traffic flow. They are also aesthetically pleasing and boost the energy efficiency of the space.


French doors have multiple glass panels around the frame for better light flow. If you want to make your office visually larger, French doors can help you achieve that effect. Walking between rooms or spaces gets a more cosmopolitan touch.

PINKYS Iron Doors AIR 4 Double Iron Door in Bedroom


If you're working in a lively and relaxed atmosphere near the beach or other casual locations, you'll find swing doors a great investment. You can also get more sophisticated solutions suitable for a more professional location that come with an intricate design fully customized to suit the needs of your business or a meeting room.


Pocket doors are ideal for smaller rooms. If you want interior glass doors that are also space-efficient and can literally disappear from your sight while you're in the room, look no further than pocket solutions.

Glass Office Door Designs

On the subject of designs, let's explore some of the most popular ideas business owners would approve.

Decorative Glass

If you can think it, you can make it.

PINKYS Iron Doors Sliding Doors for All Seasons Room with Glass Panels

This sentence best describes decorative glass design. The features, elements, and techniques used on these doors range from etching to sandblasting to painting to tinting and more. You can find just about any design (see-through or not) to match your needs.

Be aware that the finish is also known to increase the cost of office doors. You can get solutions for all budgets though, especially if you consider frosted tinting.

Laminated Glass

Not all doors are great at masking sounds. If soundproofing is your concern, you can get laminated alternatives that muffle soundwaves. For the best effect, place these doors in a strong frame with minimal space between the walls.


Don't limit yourself to the available decorations and designs on the web. Go beyond and get creative. Why not get the whole team involved to create the best design and turn it into reality?

You can explore various patterns, styles, colors, and decoration types and even come up with your own that incorporates your area of business. That's the beauty of working with high-end professionals like PINKYS.

Benefits of Glass Office Doors

Apart from fitting into any space or room, a glass door is also highly versatile. Here's how it can enhance your interior.

Better Light Flow

Compare French glass solutions to wood or metal. Sure, wood is an excellent thermal insulator and gives a natural vibe. But it's not even close to glass when it comes to light flow.

Is your office located on the first floor or tucked away in the corner of a complex? Get the best use of the available light you have by installing a glass door.

Highly Customizable

Plenty of available patterns and designs make this an extremely customizable investment. Combine them with wood or steel or personalize them in any way you want.

PINKYS Iron Doors Patio Doors for Living Room and Kitchen Glass Panels

Best of all, when you contact professional door service providers like PINKYS, they can save you time and offer enchanting solutions right away.

More Isolation If You Want It

The glass you use for your office door can be clear and clean or as tinted as you like. You can boost the privacy levels in your office or home by ensuring your glass doors provide a level of privacy.

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Easy Maintenance

Glass doors are super easy to clean. A damp cloth and some mild soap with water are all you'll need to keep them in top shape.

Why Choose Glass Office Doors by PINKYS

While office doors are widely available across the market, don't just buy the first option you see.

PINKYS offers a high-end, revolutionary brand that's all about celebrating the beauty of Southern California. Options that are expansive, blush, and ethereal.

Here's why a PINKYS purchase is better than any other.

PINKYS Iron Doors Double Interior Doors with Glass Panels

Plenty of Glass Options

PINKYS is the leading provider of steel and iron doors in the U.S. We specialize in most door types and have dozens of styles and designs:


Our Aquatex pattern is best used for patios, but we can make it work anywhere. The slight ripple pattern connects you with the deep ocean waters and brings in the Southern California sun.


Flemish glass is made using centuries-long manufacturing methods. You can expect to see some of the most beautiful mosaics and textures. The elaborate look makes Flemish glass an excellent choice for any type of door.

Ford Blue

Ford Blue is for offices that value intimacy. Want less light? Ford Blue has got you covered.

PINKYS makes a tinted option that also has energy-efficient features. As with other glass types in our collection, this one can prevent the hot sunlight rays from heating your space.


Make your office resemble something out of a magazine by getting frost glass doors instead of clear. Ideal for multiple applications, this glass offers just the right levels of privacy, style, and modernity.

PINKYS Iron Doors Steel French Doors with Privacy Glass Panels


This glass is super low in emissivity, meaning that it doesn't radiate energy. We use a special coating, so the heat stays where it belongs - on the other side of the door.


Rain– and even the mere sound of rain–is known to create a relaxing atmosphere for many people.  While we can't bring rain to your office to freshen everyone's spirits, we can install a Rain decorative door.

The rain pattern, when combine with a wood door, adds a sense of tranquility and flow. And both are something we all need when working long office hours.


Our Ribbed glass pattern appears in multiple door settings for kitchens, bathrooms, or offices. You can match the Ribbed option with fluted glass for an additional boost in aesthetic.

In general, architects and interior designers will add Ribbed glass to make a space livelier and add privacy at the same time.


The Tea glass option brings all the coziness and warmth you may need during the chilly months. Combine this glass option with contrasting colors and create a creative and stylish work environment that encourages innovation all year long.

Exceptional Quality

A PINKYS office door is different from your regular door upgrade. We strive to create breathtaking and elegant doors for your business. Many celebrities have solicited our services and trust us with their investment. And we work just as hard to serve the rest of California.

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Durable and Strong

Our doors are not only made from premium materials, but they are also durable and can be used in any setting. We pay attention to the smallest detail and test our products for strength in various applications, offices included.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although we’re sure you’ll be happy with your purchase, we leave nothing to chance.

We care about your satisfaction more than anything else. If you aren't happy with the product we designed for you, we'll suggest a new one or assist you otherwise. Contact our customer service before doing business with us to verify every aspect.

Revolutionize Your Work Environment. Get PINKYS Glass Doors

Glass doors can transform any room into a vibrant workspace. We have a variety of door types and styles that can suit your preferences and needs and create an enchanting work environment.

Choose a tinted solution to boost intimacy or stick with clean and clear glass-only products for 100% transparency.

Don’t put your business renovation projects on hold. Turn a fresh new page and see how PINKYS can help.

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