Why Interior Sliding Doors Are a Hit

There are a million ways to redecorate your interior. But few additions are as efficient and transformative as interior sliding doors.

They evoke freedom through their expansiveness.

Best of all, they fit any space, no matter how big or small.

Trendy homeowners are starting to reconsider their traditional door fixtures and lean towards more innovative sliding doors for important home passageways. We're here to explain why.

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Let's start from the basics.

What Are Interior Sliding Doors?

Interior sliding doors are an upgrade from your typical inward- or outward-opening door. They create an airy opening between two rooms or the indoors or outdoors, allowing easy access to whatever is beyond them.

These doors are practical, modern, and gorgeous.

Their style potential is enormous, and they can fit any space. They have been in fashion since the dawn of the 20th century across Europe and the U.S. and are now more popular than ever.

If you want to make more space in your small apartment, think of installing interior sliding doors.

If your goal is to make your living space seem even larger, consider interior sliding doors.

How Sliding Doors Work

Sliding doors have a special design. They have two or more panels that work as a single element. Most models have a glide or track on the top and bottom. This makes it easy to manipulate them into the open or closed position.

Most installations have two doors next to each other, one stationary and the other moving left and right.

Where to Use Indoor Sliding Doors

Indoor sliding doors are versatile and find use in multiple areas in a home. Here are some examples.

In closets

Looking to replace that old wood wardrobe door?

Then now is a great time to consider a sliding door. A closet door that slides will save you tons of space and time when you're getting dressed for work or a night on the town.

Sliding doors offer easier access to the clothing inside by moving to the right or left, unlike traditional doors which swing in only one direction. A sliding door can also be a time-saving investment allowing you to access items as needed. Plus, they're a good option for creating more room for clothes and belongings, further increasing the room's functionality.

In bathrooms

If you want to open up your bathroom, look no further than the sliding door. You can fit more elements in the bathroom as opposed to regular doors that need space to open.

For the best effect, consider glass doors so even more light can get in. Bathrooms usually aren't located in areas with a lot of natural light, so any light you can direct from the hallways or rooms nearby will help.

In kitchens

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Interior doors for kitchens deserve a lot of attention too. After all, the kitchen and dining room are often the center of family activity, where meals are prepared and enjoyed.

In living rooms

Are you lucky enough to have a living room that looks out to your backyard? Turn that view into a dream by installing a glass sliding door.

You'll love the expansive and elegant results, and the investment will only boost your home's value. That's a double win.

Glass sliding doors have a big advantage here. Go for clean glass for even more light or choose tinted options for a subtle dose of privacy.

Those lazy weekends watching Netflix or chilling with friends will never look better!

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In bedrooms

Families with kids need space. That's a sure thing.

Adding modern doors that slide between the two bedrooms is a great way to enhance your space. It lets kids play in one room and use the other as a bedroom.

Types of Interior Sliding Doors

Interior doors come in various types and styles. The same goes for sliding options.

Pocket Sliding Doors

A pocket sliding interior door opens and disappears in a wall cavity next to the doors. Pocket doors are starting to be more frequently used across industries and households. Their appeal and space-saving features let homeowners expand their living areas.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are modern, suitable for large spaces, and are mostly made of glass. They have two or more door panels. When you open these doors, the panels will overlap. The rollers are placed at the meeting points of the panels, so the door can slide open.

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A possible drawback of these doors is that they need a large space to function. If you can afford to give up that space, you're looking at a complete synergy between indoors and outdoors or between two rooms.

Also, if you have little children, you need to be careful they don't get their fingers caught between the hinges.

Stacker Door

Stacker doors are two glass doors on tracks, one behind the other. One door slides while the other door is fixed in position. They are often used to separate living rooms from patios.

The main benefit of these doors is their versatility. You can open them as little or as much as you want, thus letting more or less light and air. Finally, if you're building a new home, these doors will give you plenty of room for configurations, letting you arrange your personal space according to your liking.

However, you may reconsider getting these doors if you lack space. The walls should be thick enough to fit multiple panels one behind one another.

Bypass Doors (Barn Doors)

Barn or bypass door panels aren't fixed but pass over one another every time you open or close them. Bypass doors have a similar design to cavity doors and have the sliding mechanism exposed.

Architects love bypass doors for their unique features. They make a statement just by existing. If you want your interior to have an industrial feel, consider these doors.

Due to the specific mechanism used, you can take the door off the track at any time to enjoy some additional space. Getting ready for a big birthday party? Double the space by removing doors. Easy as that!

However, if you're all about privacy, you may want to stay away from these doors. They aren't great at sealing two rooms apart. Quite the opposite, their structure creates a gap between the frame and the door. Their sound-insulating properties aren't great, either.

The good thing is that you can always place bypass doors in the lively areas of a home and get more soundproof options for the bedroom.

Interior Sliding Doors Materials

Sliding doors are available in several types of materials. From glass to aluminum to iron to plywood, you can find a solution to fit most needs and preferences. But what about the quality of these materials, how do they compare against each other? And how do you choose the best material for your home?

The choice ultimately comes down to your personal needs and preferences but also to the area where you plan to install these doors. If you plan on using the doors close to the patio, fiberglass may be a good option. On the other hand, if you're after a fully modern and transparent look, go for glass.

The Many Perks of Sliding Doors

Interior doors that slide make a great addition to any home. Here are some of their benefits.

Access to Natural Light

Think of all the natural light you'd let in by replacing solid wooden doors next to the patio entry with a transparent glass sliding door.

Ventilation Source

Looking to bring more air into your living room? The sliding door is the perfect solution. Open them as little or as much as you like without worrying about a draft pulling them closed with a slam. They'll stay tucked on top of each other.


A major benefit of any interior sliding door is that they save space. The interior appears to be more expansive when installing these products, bringing immediate and spacious results.

Door With a View

Bring more transparency and clarity to your living space by choosing from the many interior sliding door types. Whether you want to get closer to nature or have a better view of what's going on in the nursery room, sliding doors are the solution.

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Energy Efficient

Last but not least, an average interior sliding door adds to overall energy efficiency. Of course, this depends on the specific type of doors. Most bi-fold doors have excellent thermal efficiency and can save you money on energy bills down the road.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The only downside to interior sliding doors is that they tend to get dirty. A lot. But fortunately, that's nothing a damp cloth and a bit of water can't solve.

You may also find them to be a bit expensive, but quality and luxury often are.

Why PINKYS Sliding Doors Are Special

Not all interior sliding doors are created equal.

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PINKYS is your expansive interior sliding door provider with some of the most breathtaking and high-end designs. Choose from iron, steel, and glass doors to give your interior an enchanting transformation.

We make doors that suit your space, needs, and budget. We can organize the delivery and shipping and can also handle the installation. All you need to do is sit back, go over our catalog and make your selection. Reach out to us when you find something you like, and we'll take care of the rest.

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