10 Key Features to Look for in Your Custom Front Entry Doors

PINKYS Steel Front Entry Door Custom Iron Door

We'd like to tell you a quick story.

Back when PINKYS launched, world-class quality, craftsmanship, and ethereal looks were our focus.

We constructed each door with a special emphasis on these features to increase the home's curb appeal.

After our initial success, we figured: "Why not continue in the same direction? Why not keep selling the same doors that work so amazingly well for our customers?"

And so we did. Unrivaled quality, attention to detail, and majestic looks still permeate our collection.

However, the innovation process didn't stop there. We looked for more ways to stand out and give our clients more bang for their buck.

That's when we came up with our custom entry doors.

By allowing people to customize the door in different styles, we started producing the exact aesthetic effect they wished to achieve.

Let us guess - you're one of the people who want to make a statement with a custom exterior door, aren't you?

But how do you get the perfect custom door?

We'll tell you right here. Let's check out our buyer's guide to custom front entry doors.

What Are the Key Features of High-End Custom Front Entry Doors?

Whether you're buying or renovating a home, pay special attention to the door. Make sure your custom door has the following features:

Feature No. 1 - Superb Construction (Preferably Steel or Iron Doors)

Once you move in your house, you plan for the long term. The last thing you need is to replace the roof or foundation just a few years after the installation. So, you buy the finest foundation and roof you can afford.

Likewise, you don't want a front door that will only last a few months before it needs a replacement.

It might not be as expensive as the largest parts of your home, but make no mistake about it - a custom door is no small investment. The cost can be high, especially if the door has luxurious features, such as high-end sidelights and transoms.

To make your investment pay off, you should focus on getting the right material.

Let's first rule out a few candidates. Though affordable, Vinyl and laminate are a no-go. They have low impact resistance and offer little protection from the elements.

You need something sturdier.

Something that will last you a generation or even longer.

That's where steel and iron doors come in.

Steel doors boast incredible strength. Unlike a solid wood door, they don't warp or rot.

Iron doors are just as robust, if not more robust than steel alternatives. They can withstand enormous impact, like rogue tree branches pelting against their surface.

And some iron doors even have unrivaled fire resistance.

They won't combust or melt when exposed to searing heat.

Another great thing about iron doors is that they're compatible with intumescent coatings. These paints swell up when heated. That way, they take on the heat head-first to protect the material underneath.

Feature No. 2 - Ethereal Looks

One of the main reasons you need a custom door is that you're tired of generic wooden doors.

Doors in local hardware shops all appear pretty much the same. Plus, they hardly increase the curb appeal of your home and often fail to protect your property from bad weather.

It's even worse if you're a business owner.

With a generic front door, your clients might not be able to tell you apart from your competitors. Unless you invest in the big guns of marketing, your chances of making a great first impression are doomed.

To keep this from happening, make sure your entry door has an ethereal appearance.

What do we mean by this? It's simple - find a door that stands out. The easiest way to do so is to partner with an experienced door manufacturer.

One who understands your style and is passionate about door design.

PINKYS is just the provider you need. Get in touch with us, tell us all about the desired style, and we'll implement any pattern or texture.

Want to pick a vintage style with rustic ornaments?

Or how about a modern, sophisticated door with cutting-edge sidelights?

The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild when customizing your door.

The most important thing is that PINKYS will deliver a one-of-a-kind door that boosts your property in many ways.

Feature No. 3 - Low Maintenance

Some people opt for wood doors for their sleek, vintage looks.

Admittedly, these doors can look fantastic if they have the right finish and texture that fits the house.

But here's the problem - they're notoriously high-maintenance.

Those who want to maintain a solid wood door often spend hours every week trying to protect their door from various threats.

From rain and dust to termites and heavy impact, an array of problems can cause long-term damage.

The owner needs to treat the door with several coatings to keep it in mint condition, which is arduous.

Wouldn't it be great if you could skip all the hassle?

Thanks to custom steel and iron front doors, you can.

Besides being super-durable and providing unmatched looks, these doors also require minimal maintenance.

All it takes to protect their sublime finish is an occasional soapy water bath. You may also need to grease the hinges from time to time, but this only takes a few minutes.

That's yet another reason steel and iron doors rule the door industry. You'll hardly find a similar option that combines jaw-dropping appearance, sturdiness, AND effortless upkeep.

Feature No. 4 - Limitless Functionality

All doors open and close.

The difference between top-quality doors and subpar ones is HOW they do so.

If the door makes strange, squeaky sounds when opening and closing, it usually points to poorly made hardware.

A much better, longer-lasting alternative is to buy a smooth door. One that doesn't make any noise when in motion.

Test the mechanism in person to avoid functionality problems down the line.

While you're there, assess the feel of the door. If it feels wobbly (like it'll fall apart in high winds), walk away.

You need a solid front door with exceptional structural integrity.

Apart from the seamless operation and feel, consider the design of the door when testing its functionality.

Most people pick standard custom doors, which swing fully to the inside of the house.

There's nothing wrong with these doors, but what if you wanted something different?

If so, why not go for sliding doors?

What makes them incredibly functional and practical is that they don't swing inwards.

Instead, they slide along a rail on the bottom of the floor. Whenever you want to open the door, you simply pull the handles to the side. They'll disappear in a convenient wall space, freeing up more room inside.

Factor No. 5 - Next-Level Security

Your custom front door is like a fortress. It shields you from fires and bad weather to keep you comfortable all year long.

You know what else your door does? It deters criminals.

That's right. A well-made custom entry door can protect you from burglars by making your home seem like it's not easy to break in.

And how could it be when it's made of metal?

Iron and steel are tough as nails, which is why invaders can't simply kick them open.

But even if they use specialized tools, they'll have a hard time breaking the hinges, plates, and the rest of the hardware. All these elements have a common purpose - maximizing your security.

Although any steel or wrought iron door is ultra-secure, you can take your custom door to the next level.

A great way to do so is to include a deadbolt and chain. They reinforce your door and make it even harder for invaders to make their way inside.

And even if they somehow make progress, it'll take them forever to break through all the layers. By the time they do, the police will have already arrived.

There are many other ways to boost safety through a custom door.

For example, you could consider a Dutch front door.

A Dutch door is a door with two horizontal panels that open independently. You can open the upper section while the lower portion remains closed.

This way, you can talk to people outside your house or receive mail without letting the person inside.

It's also better for keeping the youngest members of your family inside. By closing the lower portion, you prevent toddlers from leaving your abode.

And whenever you want to go outside, simply open both panels at the same time. It's that easy.

Factor No. 6 - Ample Ventilation

When looking to add value to your custom door, you only want the finest items with the most amazing features.

But besides the five features we've covered, your door should have a few more characteristics.

One of which is excellent ventilation.

Think about it - high indoor air quality is probably one of your priorities as a homeowner. It allows you and your family to enjoy your abode at all times, not just while the fan or dehumidifier is active.

And yes, opening a window can get the job done, but doors are much more effective at inviting fresh air.

That's especially true if you get an expansive door. The bigger the door, the greater the air circulation.

So, rather than limit yourself to a single door, consider installing a double door.

And not just any model - make it a sliding double door.

Opening any sliding double doors is like creating a whole new world in your house. The amount of fresh air that enters is reinvigorating and makes the indoors more comfortable.

Did you also know that you can increase ventilation without sacrificing security?

That's precisely what Dutch front doors enable.

Once you fit them in your home, you need only open the upper half to improve air circulation. The bottom portion stays closed to keep intruders outside and keep your young ones inside.

Factor No. 7 - Sunlight and Privacy

Sunlight and privacy? How can you have these two at the same time? Don't you have to sacrifice one for the other?

It used to be like this back in the day. You simply couldn't eat your cake and have it. People either went with 100% glass doors for unlimited sunlight or solid wood doors for unlimited privacy.

But with creative minds, like PINKYS, leading the charge, there's now a way to combine both features in your doors.

PINKYS Iron Doors Sliding Doors for All Seasons Room with Glass Panels

It's easy - all it takes is to buy a frosted glass front door.

The glass style is perfect because it lets sun rays inside, which breathe new life into your house.

But since you want to maximize privacy, frosted glass is ideal due to its opacity, which is around 10%-20%.

It's better than clear glass because it's not transparent. The blurry texture keeps prying eyes from making out what's inside.

And although it doesn't invite as much sunlight as clear glass, frosted glass is no shabby in this respect.

It'll give you just enough illumination to make your home feel more expansive and illustrious.

On top of that, frosted glass is far stronger than clear glass.

When making frosted glass, manufacturers use a slower cooling process. This gives the structure more time to relax, resulting in denser glass that's less likely to shatter.

Finally, frosted glass doors aren't entirely made of glass.

Thick frames (usually metal) encircle the panels to reinforce their structural integrity and keep them in place if it's windy outside.

Factor No. 8 - Tremendous Energy Efficiency

Temperatures rarely plummet in Southern California.

But summers can be scorching.

On hot days, your first move is to turn up the AC to cool down the place faster.

One of the reasons you put so much pressure on the device is that your door may have air leaks.

It's an easy way to achieve comfort, but overreliance on your AC skyrockets your energy bills.

It's time to stop this and upgrade to an energy-efficient front door.

These doors have several electricity-saving features, such as excellent materials.

Iron, steel, and fiberglass are some of the best materials for lowering energy consumption. Their thermal regulating properties let you insulate the house more efficiently.

Another essential consideration is the sills. They're placed at the bottom of the door to keep inside air in and outside air out.

Finding sturdy sills should be your priority, but make sure they're adjustable too. This enables you to create a tight seal between the door and ground.

Factor No. 9 - Accessory Potential

Finding a stunning custom front door comes down to the materials and design.

Now that you know what to look for regarding those two factors, it's time to take the next step.

And the next step is to enhance your door with accessories. Ask the manufacturer how many accessories you can add to your door.

The more, the better.

Since you're looking for a custom door, the potential for accessorizing is practically endless.

Think in terms of style and function here.

One of the most popular ideas is sidelights.

These windows illuminate the area in front of your house.

This way, they make invaders think twice about targeting your home. They also tell you what the mailman left without the need to open the door.

You can even match your sidelights to the rest of the house.

For instance, a single glass panel exudes elegance and modernity, whereas multiple tiny panels often convey a rustic charm.

Then there are transoms and transom windows. Transoms are beams mounted just above the door, and the transom windows are the windows sitting atop those beams.

They're perfect for luxurious households for many reasons.

First, they invite a ton of natural light. You can pair them up with glass doors to pretty much eliminate the need for bulbs during the day.

But even if you want a non-glass door, transom windows can make a world of difference. They brighten up the place nicely, which can increase home temperatures and boost ventilation.

Second, transoms and transom windows make your home stand out.

Few (if any) of your neighbors have these. So, if you want a distinct entryway, a transom window will be your best friend.

These additions also have a premium visual effect.

Both transoms and transom windows make the area more expansive. The hallway appears larger and cohesive, creating a lasting impression on your visitors.

Last but not least, consider a door with an automatic closer.

They might not add elegance to your house, but they more than make up for this with functionality and intuitiveness.

As soon as you enter or leave your house, you no longer need to worry about whether or not you've closed the door. An automatic closer does the work for you.

Factor No. 10 - Standard Weight of an Entry Door

All doors are important, but your front door plays a particularly significant role.

A well-made custom entry door, like the ones in the PINKYS collection, protects you from intruders and bad weather.

That's why it weighs about 30-40 pounds more than, say, your bedroom door.

Check if that's the case before buying a front door. It should be heavier than the ones used in the rest of the house to give you a better sense of security.

Ready to Transform Your Home with a Custom Door? PINKYS Custom Iron Front Entry Doors Are Too Good to Miss

The front door industry is vast. You can choose from countless doors, some of which fit your house while others don't.

That being the case, finding a custom door isn't a problem.

But finding THE custom door for your home may take a while.

You need to make sure your door checks most of (if not all) 10 boxes to ensure a long-lasting investment.

After all, your door should be there for the long haul.

It should beautify and protect your dwelling for years to come.

You can achieve all that with PINKYS doors.

Our custom front door collection is stylish, expansive, and durable. Iron doors are our favorite. They're super-strong, energy-efficient, and brimming with textures that provide the "WOW" factor you've been dreaming of.

So, explore our offer, and you'll see why we've been at the top of the market for over four decades.

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