10 Types Of Custom Iron Doors That Will Skyrocket Your Homes Value In 2019

1.) Wine Cellar Doors

Want to show off that extravagant wine collection? Wine cellar doors are highly unique and sought after by the sophisticated collector looking to combine strong visual display with proper wine storage conditions.

A custom Pinky's Iron Doors wine cellar metal door is the best investment for a savvy collector who wants to add value to their home. Pinky's Iron Doors offer our in-stock wine cellar iron doors with handles, or custom design "made for you" metal wine cellar door to compliment that age-old wine collection of yours. Pinky's Iron Doors wine cellar wrought iron door is perfect to make your collection that much sweeter upon entrance.

Adding a wine cellar door brings a level of luxury and sophistication that will help skyrocket the value of your home before you pop open that special bottle of 1970 Bordeaux.

Wine Cellar Door named 'San Francisco'

2.) Dutch Iron Doors

A good way to set the tone, add value, or curb appeal to your home is to add an elegant, unique, and secure Dutch iron door.

At the heart of any iron door is the design itself. It's what attracts the attention of all your guests; the character that gives your home or business life. You want this centerpiece to tell a story, Pinky's Iron Doors' success for the past forty-one years has been dependent on our attention to detail, customer service, and experience in the industry that is unmatched.

Buying and installing a Dutch iron door to your home not only adds a sense of security and luxury, but it's also a smart economic investment. Wrought iron doors durability, security, and overall impressive look rope in home buyers to spend more and see higher value in a well-equipped home.

Dutch wrought iron doors are not only elegant and prestigious, but they also discourage unwanted visitors or thieves from invading a home. They are specifically designed with security in mind, from latches to locks, hinges to hardware. Made from a high grade of steel measured by gauge, wrought iron doors are highly durable and can better withstand continuous exposure to the elements, extreme temperatures, and pressure as they are infused with steel.

Dutch Door named 'Air Dutch'

3.) Pivot Doors

Stylistically, all homeowners have their own preference of aesthetics within the home. Pivot doors will raise the value of your home and are desirable for their functionality as well as unique elegance and size.

Pivot door systems operate from a central pivot point which is usually, but not always, located at the top or the bottom of the door. With this design, the weight of the door is distributed easily from side weight-bearing hinges, allowing you to have a greater number of options when it comes to choosing the construction material and size of your door.

Pivot doors can be much larger in size than your regular doors due to the weight-bearing capabilities of the unique pivot hinge. This means that you can have a much larger door opening than would traditionally be found in a house. When opened or closed, these pivot doors create a welcoming atmosphere of openness and space.

Also, pivot doors can be constructed from materials that would normally be considered too heavy for a regular swing door such as metal, heavy woods, or even stone.

Custom Pivot Door in bathroom

4.) Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are especially convenient when it comes to space and clearance and some homeowners simply get them because they love the style. In both cases, the aesthetics and convenience of a pocket door can raise the value and stylistic prowess of your home.

Depending on the design of your home, these pocket doors can solve many problems. In tight spaces for small bathrooms, a pocket door solves the problem of limited clearance space taken up by a standard swinging door. For rooms in which space is premium, a pocket door gives optimal space for furniture, art or storage.

Some homeowners simply prefer the elegant, streamlined look and feel of pocket doors — especially stylish glass pocket doors — and opt to use them for that reason.

Custom Pocket Door in office

5.) Thermally Broken Doors or "Cold Doors"

These doors are specially designed for areas of extreme cold.

Pinky's thermally broken iron door patent-pending thermal break application allows your entry door to stand up to even the harshest of cold conditions. These custom wrought iron doors create a barrier that stops the cold from penetrating the inside of your home or business. A great addition to any space, we can custom make any metal door design to truly blend with your home or business' look.

Pinky's Iron Doors is one of the very few iron door companies that is capable of incorporating the breakthrough technology known as the thermal break technology. This technology is a game-changer in the industry.

Thermal break technology extends throughout the door, jamb, and window protecting the inside of the door from temperatures outside. The inside and outside surfaces of the iron door are thermally separated resulting in exceptional improvement in insulation.

Thermally broken or "cold doors" do not only give protection from the elements but are stylish and welcoming. Adding a thermally broken or "cold" door to your home is a sure-fire way to raise the value of any home in an extremely cold geographical location.

Thermally Broken Door named 'Hills - Air 8'

6.) French Doors

Have a large wall you need to fill?

Luxury steel french doors are an easy, yet efficient way to make any room or backyard stand out. These doors are also referred to as "French Windows". Add multiple black steel french doors side by side for a wall to wall glass effect, this truly opens up your space with natural sunlight. Pinky's steel factory style french doors with grids also work great as patio doors or even front simple black steel doors.

The primary function of a French door is its aesthetic features. French doors can create a dramatic impact on your home by interconnecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces. With the addition of this type of door, you can increase the potential sale value of your home. Elegant design and window transparency give your home a much more open feel.

French Door named 'Air 5'

7.) Passage Doors

Steel iron passage doors add clean lines, flair, and privacy to work, play, or office areas.

These steel interior doors are designed with all the same quality as exterior steel doors, but with an interior application in mind, leaving out the bottom threshold, weather stripping, and using a single pane glass for aesthetic.

These doors are specifically suited for homeowners who don't believe there should be an inside feel to their home. Outside is inside, and vice versa. The look is what matters. These passage doors fit the build.

Passage Interior Door named 'Air 4'

8.) Bi-Fold Doors or "Accordion Doors"

Looking for that ever so popular indoor/outdoor feeling?

Bi-fold or accordion doors are perfect rear patio iron door for those who like to entertain. They offer luxury, expansive light, and a unique accordion opening method that is sure to impress guests or home buyers and these doors are perfect when it comes time to throw that indoor/outdoor party you've always dreamed of.

A steel bi-fold door with simple horizontal bars results in the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. With a subtle touch of old-world charm, Pinky's accordion steel design is truly distinct.

Pinky's Iron Doors steel windows and doors Air Collection is designed with contemporary and minimalist homes in mind. The modern steel window and doors within this collection aim for the linear over the organic, and feature sleek and simple designs and hardware that truly stand out. These beautiful and modern steel doors have been used as patio doors, and even as steel room dividers.

9) Sliding Doors

These doors were fashioned after Japanese doors called Shoji–a sliding translucent door hung by a wood frame. Evidence in archaeological findings in Pompeii found that these doors hung from the ceiling, allowing these doors to move easily.

While your interior decorating doesn't have to be as elaborate as Roman homes in Pompeii, sliding doors transform space by expanding living areas, maximizing views, and letting in loads of light and fresh air. There is a myriad of ways to express originality and style with these doors and Pinky's Iron Doors can customize your sliding door to any size, configuration, or design style.

These doors are energy-efficient, strong, and durable (able to hold up against the elements) and can be double, single, or quadruple paned depending on your preference. These doors have come to be known as the "it" door and are the staple for homes, condos, and hotels.

Custom Sliding Patio Door on balcony

10) Barn Doors

Originally sliding barn doors have been the reliable answer for agricultural buildings, shops, and airplane hangars. The functionality and aesthetics have been redesigned and modernized to function as space savers within the interior of a home.

Traditional swinging doors take up unnecessary space in homes where every inch counts. I well-installed sliding barn door not only allows homeowners to utilize extra space needed for furniture, art, appliances or movement, but the support system also allows for the installation of heavier-than-usual doors without affecting the stability of ease of movement.

These doors can range in size, style, and material. They have become popular interior decor pieces for homeowners looking to boost the value of their homes. Pinky's Iron Doors can customize any barn door size or aesthetic to please any homeowner's individual interior design needs.

Custom Iron Barn Door for the home

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