Why Investing In An Iron Door Can Raise The Value Of Your Montgomery Home

If you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Montgomery, Alabama, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of beautiful architecture. From Federal-style buildings in Edgewood to antebellum mansions in Winter Place, this is the place to live if you love historic homes.

These days, you don’t have to invest in a piece of the past to get a beautiful home. Many Montgomery residents are investing in bespoke additions to their homes’ exteriors. A popular choice is the iron door.

Let’s take a look at how installing stunning, wrought iron doors could elevate the value and appearance of homes across Montgomery, Alabama.

Wrought Iron Doors Revitalize Your Entranceway

What's the first thing you see when you arrive home? As well as your front yard or garden, it's your home's door and entryway that says the most about your home. From covered porches to custom iron doors, your property's exterior is the key to a great first impression.

Wrought iron doors can be just about any shape; narrow, wide, rectangular, or arched. Your iron door gives guests a glimpse into the home they're about to walk into. It's an instant expression of your style and personality.

Are Iron Doors Better Than Wood or Aluminum Doors?

All doors have pros and cons. Wood and aluminum can be very cost-effective. Aluminum is also lightweight and easy to transport. Wood may fit well with some aesthetics and is easily transformed via varnishes, stains, and paint. With regular care and maintenance, wood is a popular material for adding style and substance to a home.

PINKYS Golden Gate black steel exterior double flat doors

Another option is to invest in steel doors. Steel doors make a statement, showing off the security and safety of your home, though there are fewer ways to fully customize them.

Iron doors are heavier and can cost more. Installing them can be trickier, usually simply due to the additional weight. However, they're also a far more permanent option. Alabama homeowners can choose a custom iron door created with pride and craftsmanship. They know that they most likely never need to spend another dollar on that door apart from maintenance and cleaning.

A wrought iron door can be crafted to suit any style and entryway size. Just make sure you work with a team that has the experience to provide custom iron doors that increase the aesthetic of your Alabama home.

A Simple Way to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you opt for a company that provides a bespoke service for designing wrought iron doors, you're investing in your home's overall value. The curb appeal of your home determines the attention it will gain in realtor listings. Your wrought iron door should increase the appeal of your home while improving your quality of life right now.

House prices in Montgomery, Alabama, are always fluctuating. For example, in the last year, the median house price went up slightly, but the overall property value per square foot dropped. Finding ways to elevate your home's value means investing in home updates that are consistently on-trend. Homeowners need to consider the durability, quality, and features of any exterior renovation, including entry doors. This means choosing the right materials and a team that can guarantee excellence.

Iron Doors Offer a High Rate of Return on Home Investment

Even if you’re planning to live out your days in historic Montgomery, it’s worth considering the return on investment (ROI) your home will deliver. One day, you might pass this house to the next generation. There’s a comfort in knowing that whatever they decide to do with the property, you’ve gifted them a potential financial nest egg.

Your renovation projects now could determine the future value of your home. But, it's critical to opt for projects that improve that value by a significant amount. Swapping out your exterior doors for iron entry doors could be one of the most cost-effective choices. While iron doors can be expensive, industry reports suggest that, upon resale of the property, homeowners recoup at least 65% of the original cost.

PINKYS Air 5 single flat modern steel doors can used as entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers

Secure and Safe Wrought Iron Doors

If you’re opting for the most secure entry doors, what material do you choose? Wrought iron doors are solid, durable, and can transform the exterior of your home. An iron door tells passersby that you take safety seriously, especially a high-quality iron door.

A wrought iron entry can build on this confident posture. Wrought iron can have as much bulk and depth as you need. If you want your home or business to look practically locked down, then iron doors are the choice for you.

Complement the Style of Your Home

When you're shopping for the right wrought iron door supplier, you need to consider service, delivery options, and reputation. It's also critical to make sure you choose a manufacturer that can provide an iron door that actually suits your home. Iron door options usually include customization for added beauty and style.

You might want a thoroughly contemporary iron door that exudes confidence and security. Conversely, you may already have some ironwork on your exterior, like iron railings. In this instance, look for manufacturers that can match or complement the wrought iron fixings you already have in place. For example, if you have arched windows, it's easy to choose iron entry doors with a complementary curve.

Types of Custom Wrought Iron Doors for Montgomery Homeowners

Choosing a wrought iron entryway is simpler when you go straight to a supplier trusted to provide the best iron doors. Here are just a few of the example iron doors available from PINKYS, a Los Angeles business specializing in iron doors and other exclusive home fittings.

Golden Gate Double Flat

This 2-inch thick double-entry iron door design effectively combines beauty and security. The Golden Gate Double Flat iron door is fully customizable to match any home. For added peace of mind, it's crafted from 12 gauge material which is higher than the industry standard. The ornate scrollwork combines with glass panels for attractive iron doors that let the light in. PINKYS can also provide energy-efficient glass.

Air 5 With Sidelights Double Flat Top

Sidelights provide an extra panel of ironwork that the door hinges away from. It's an aesthetic choice, one that can add presence to your entryway. The Air Collection includes a wide range of iron doors, offering durability and a bright, open feel that many homeowners love. These elegant doors include multiple panes of glass, ideal for French patio doors as well as a custom entry.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Getty Black Double Flat Iron Doors

Getty Double Arch

Not all iron doors are rectangular. There's a large selection of arched doors available, too. They can be more challenging to install, but with the right contractor, they're a great investment for increasing the value of your property.

The Getty Double Arch offers custom double iron doors with the size and swing direction of your choice. The top half of the iron doors are complemented by glass panes that let plenty of light into your entryway. In contrast, the bottom half is sturdy, a prime example of a custom entry with both durability and style.

These examples show how many choices there are for iron doors you can install to create a stunning exterior for your home. Contact your trusted iron doors supplier for a custom quote or for more options, such as iron gates.

Invest in Custom Iron Doors From a Trusted Specialist

PINKYS has a longstanding reputation for custom iron doors that beautify a home. We have decades of experience creating bespoke iron entry doors in a class of their own. Choose from our existing stylish range, or let us craft you something truly out of the ordinary. We offer multiple customization options, including intricate patterns and ways to let natural light into your home.

As a company, we know that craftsmanship and service matter to all our customers. And the good news is our business now delivers iron doors to Montgomery, Alabama, and the entire state. Ask us about any aspect of getting iron doors installed. We can accommodate most requests for personalization, from sidelights to custom entry sizes. Our wide range of doors are all fully customizable, and each offers durability and the protection that comes from additional security.

Your exterior doors do more than create a lasting first impression. They elevate the value of your home and make it an even more welcoming place to come back to. Contact PINKYS and ask about how we can upgrade your Montgomery, Alabama home (or business) with wrought iron doors, steel doors, and other fixtures made from the highest quality materials.

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