Live In The Cold? The Science Behind Pinky's Thermally Broken Iron Doors

Pinky’s Iron Doors is one of the very few iron door companies that is capable of incorporating the breakthrough technology known as thermal break technology. This technology is a game-changer in our industry and we are very happy to offer it to our customers. 

Live in an area of extreme cold? Maine, Vermont, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Idaho, Michigan, New York are among the ten coldest states that stay consistently cold year-round. These are regions that stay consistently around six degrees Fahrenheit (3 °C) during the winter months — some fall into the sub zeros. 

For conscious homeowner seeking the best wrought iron door, a “thermally broken” or “cold weather door” is a wise investment to appropriately protect from cold region elements, save on energy bills, and maintain optimum home interior and exterior comfort and style. 

What is a “thermally broken” door and why are they sought sought after in cold regions? 

Firstly, to explain how a this thermal break technology works, we’ll need to explain why doors or home material void of this technology are not optimal to maintaining livable temperatures in a home. 

Broken down in layman’s terms, “thermal bridges” are not beneficial to your home. More conductive (or poorly insulating) material allows an easy pathway for heat flow across a thermal barrier— wood, metal, and concrete in exterior walls act as thermal bridges, conducting far more heat or cold than the insulation on either side of them.

In essence, a thermal bridge causes energy to be lost easily through material with little thermal resistance, impacting continuous insulation. Unfortunately, this affects sale-ability and home comfort. Generally speaking, the goal of homeowners is to combat frigid cold and hotter summer months from affecting the homeostasis of your home. 

That’s where thermal break technology comes in. 

The science behind Pinky’s Iron Doors patent-pending thermal break application. 

Now that we know how “thermal bridges” can impact the overall performance of a home when it comes to maintaining level, livable temperatures. We must know that “thermal breaks”, and in turn “thermally broken” doors and windows are the answer to this problem.

Simply put, a “thermal break” is when a “thermal bridge” is purposefully broken. This is the science behind Pinky’s Iron Doors patent-pending thermal break application and “advanced framing techniques”. Specialized framing creates a thermal break, creating a continuous barrier between the inside and outside frames, preventing conductive thermal energy loss. When your stylish wrought iron door is kept at a comfortable temperature, you are kept at a comfortable temperature.

It's a win win situation. 

Thermal break technology extends throughout the door, jamb, and window protecting the inside of the door from temperatures outside. The inside and outside surfaces of the iron door are thermally separated resulting in exceptional improvement in insulation. 

When brutal cold day’s come and temperature's drop to single digits, the importance of insulation doesn’t only apply to the mittens on your hands. Your home needs insulation —fortunately, it can come in the form of a stylish, secure and technologically advanced wrought iron door. 

With our patent-pending thermal break application, we can make your new front entry door stand up to even the harshest of cold conditions. We create a barrier in these custom wrought iron doors that stops the cold from penetrating to the inside of your home or business. A great addition to any space, Pinky’s Iron Doors can custom make any metal door design to truly blend with your home or business’ look.



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