3 Regency-style Bedroom Designs Featuring Wrought Iron Doors

Opulent décor, vintage trinkets, corsets, and gold-gilded everything, the recent season of Netflix’s steamy romance Bridgerton has us bewitched.

This Regency-inspired home decor is all about evoking a dramatic ethos through maximalist designs that feature intricate objets d'art, rich textures, luxurious furniture, antique motifs, and grandiose wrought iron doors.

The Gilded Age and the Regency era were times full of pompous art and culture, lavish paintings, Art de Nouveau, and scandals. Along with their desire to write down exaggerated bawdy light-hearted stories about the lives of the high-society personalities, nothing compares to their interior décor themes that heavily featured wrought iron doors, extravagant furniture, heavy velvet curtains, and intricate accessories.

If you’re searching for some inspiration to revamp things around your bedroom this summer, here are some of our favorite Regency-inspire interior décor ideas bursting with spirit, color, and character.

1. A Monochromatic Palette and Opulent Textures

Since the Regency style is known for its elegance and opulent touches, you can consider installing dark-wooden floors, a set of regal-looking frothy curtains, Gothic furniture made with teak, and punctuate this décor with some texture.

Bronze candelabras, oak pedestals with engravings, vintage settees, Baroque-esque credenzas, and sleek wrought iron doors will look compelling when paired with your monochromatic theme.

2. A Gothic Bedroom with Wrought Iron Doors

Nothing is quite as dramatic and romantic as going all Gothic. If you have a taste for all things macabre, featuring rich and elegant designs, this is just the look for your personal sanctuary.

A room’s interior with white walls and an intricately patterned rug

For a Gothic décor, we recommend adding some ornate vintage furniture with intricate carvings, stained glass windows, upholstery in heavy fabrics, sensual wallpapers with chinoiserie, and visually dynamic black steel doors.

For accessories, you can opt for carved sconces, accent tables made with oak, jewel-toned ottomans, and some brass blackened metal floor lamps that will look unequivocally handsome with a backdrop of dramatic wallpaper.

3. A Bedroom Fit for a King (Or a Princess)

If you’re looking for a more reverent design with softer textures, try installing damask wallpaper, silk and velvet upholstery, marble-top nightstands, canopy beds, and curtains in the color of gemstones, gilt wall mirrors, oil paintings, and artisan-crafted rugs with geometric details.

You cannot forget to install wrought iron doors for the added bonus of making your bedroom look elegant.

We also recommend including mirror-backed trellis work and extravagant crystal chandeliers studded with amethysts and mahogany desks inspired by the 18th century to accentuate your Regency-era décor.

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