Home Rejuvenation with Bright Colors and Steel Doors

Interior decor has always been used to attain inner peace and convert one’s home into a sanctuary where one can always retire to rest and unwind.

For example, the art of fengshui, a Chinese tradition, encourages people to allow the flow of good energy into their homes by spatial positioning. In the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi, homeowners try to find beauty in everything that is conventionally imperfect. And ancient Rome’s way of mimicking the harmony of nature was by incorporating the tones of the earth into their homes.

Striking harmony in the home interior has a direct and indirect impact on our moods and health.

If you’re unsure of how to rejuvenate your home this summer, we have some stunning décor ideas featuring bright pops of color accentuated with monochromatic steel and iron doors. Read ahead to find out.

A Burst of Color and Modern Steel Doors

There is nothing quite as attractive as random pops of color in contrast with hushed neutral tones.

For a tasteful and refined look, opt for vibrant art pieces, parquet floors, eye-catching deep red accents, rattan furnishings, and black steel doors. You can never go wrong with tried-and-true neutrals. Make sure to add neutral-toned textiles and vibrant grasscloth to bring a sense of joy to your home space.

Accessorizing with terracotta orange textiles, wooden bookshelves, Persian rugs, sucupira desks, and strategically placed accents will rid your room of any bleakness and accentuate your bright décor.

Experiment with a Playful Palette and Sleek Iron Doors

Playful and vibrant colors like a delightful lime, classic blue and orange, a striking cherry red, sea green, and chartreuse are super delightful when paired with a pair of glossy black steel doors.

You can also consider adding colorfully painted vibrant chairs, eclectic accessories in a bright sunny yellow, and creamy white walls. Accessories such as metallic sconces, gold gilded mirrors, vintage textiles, and behemoth starburst pendant lights will add a blissful touch to any home space.

Reinventing Traditional Designs with Punctuated Color

Think of classic Parisian décor: creamy white curtains, hardwood floors, marble top tables, and black steel doors. Now think of how you can accentuate these. Bright matching linens, post-modern inspired colorful furniture, and intricately patterned rugs will make a vivid statement when paired with black steel doors.

We recommend accessorizing with glass metal pendants, brass mesh wall panels, faux leather couches, and hand-cast resin coffee tables.

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