Switch up Things in Your Coastal Retreat with Steel Doors

Summertime is all about breathing new life into your living space with refreshing coats of jewel-toned paints, artisan-crafted one-of-a-kind accessories, and major renovations with steel and iron doors.

It’s difficult to find the right options and décor items to rejuvenate your home when it comes to choosing between many different beachy elements. When you mix and match different textures, themes, and colors, we assure you your home will have just the right amount of tropical feels you're aiming for.

Whether you live in a coastal retreat or just love surrounding yourself with beach house vibes, here are some of the most sophisticated home décor ideas for a nautical theme.

Setting That Rustic Appeal with Modern French Doors

If you’re up for a cottage-core home that exudes pure rustic appeal, incorporating easy, breezy materials like grasscloth, rattan, and seashell colors all around your home will look unequivocally serene.

Checkerboard hardwood floors, vintage furnishings, petite antique chandeliers, and warm textures like jute and crunchy linen will ace the delicate balance between vintage and modern. For an added touch of contemporary bliss, we recommend indulging in a set of high-gloss French steel doors to pull the look together.

Wicker-Accented Heavenly Abode

If you’re up for a luxurious renovation in your beach house, opt for a neutral-toned palette and bright accents paired with wicker furniture to finish off the look.

Punchy and tropical colors are also a blissful addition to any coastal retreat, especially when paired with metallic pendant lights, sconce flanked full-length mirrors, Spanish esparto rugs, limestone floors, and industrial style doors.

Accessorizing with floor lamps, luminous alabaster chandeliers, and lacquered sculptures will give any space a polished upgrade.

Bold Ocean Tones and Factory Style Metal Doors

There is something unique about lending your home space a Parisian flair and creating a beachy vibe with different shades of blue, celadon, and moss green. Your home space will have a trifecta of relaxed47, soothing, and undeniably sophisticated aura when you mix natural elements and tactile textures.

Indulge in antique tile flooring, crocheted-cotton coverlets, rattan tables, brown pleated pendant lights, handmade Moroccan raffia mirrors, and chunky textiles in neutral tones.

Don’t forget to amp your classic home décor with factory metal doors. The juxtaposition of these high-gloss iron doors against your carefully selected textured pieces will look absolutely elegant.

Hand-painted striéstripes and antique Anatolian rugs are also very promising when it comes to following a nautical theme.

Ready to give your home a makeover? Why not invest in a set of meticulously designed steel and iron doors?

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