3 Ways of Designing Your Home’s Exterior with Iron Doors in Lawton

Whether you’re living in a beautiful cottage-style home or an elegant Cape Cod, your home’s exterior reflects your aesthetic style. If you’re planning to redesign how your house looks to onlookers, you’re likely looking for an updated design.

A contemporary home style is the result of earlier antique styles that are modified to current times. Think of it as a fusion of the past and future, with gorgeous iron doors enhancing your space. Here’s how you can design your home’s exterior with colors that’ll make your Lawton front door pop.

Select a Suitable Color Palette

Choose a color that palette that blends well with your iron door, window trim, and front door entrance in Lawton. Evaluate your house’s architectural style, whether it’s Georgian, Colonial, Greek Revival, Victorian, Craftsman, Mediterranean, modern, or traditional.  

You should also select a color that puts a spotlight on your iron door by choosing a color that complements its surroundings. For Colonial homes, deep tans would harmonize well with beige trim, especially by pairing it with chocolate brown iron doors.

A ranch-style or traditional home can be accentuated with soft blues and greys, exuding a sophisticated vibe. An adobe exterior with soft pastels and accents can make your home look welcoming and comfortable.

Use Landscape Items

Iron doors are known for their stunning and remarkable design, which can be further illuminated with landscape features. Surround your front door with a beautiful vase, a blooming tree, or vertical water gardens bringing your entryway to life.

Exposed timbers and wrought iron doors can create a functional and inviting entrance that caters to your needs and wants. This will accentuate your front door’s design, and your home’s exterior in Lawton will be ready to welcome your guests.


Add Exterior Lights

A home with modern lighting placed in strategic garden spots can draw attention to its exterior focal points. Simultaneously, it can attract guests toward your beautiful iron door entrance in Lawton. Use outdoor lighting for your entryway and pathway to illuminate this area. If you’re a fan of colored lighting, make sure it blends with your color palette.

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