Remodeling Done Right: 4 Entry Doors in Edmond To Transform Your Foyer

Are you looking for ways to make a great first impression on your guests? We’d recommend revamping your entry doors in Edmond. A striking front door implies that you take pride in keeping your home in an orderly state.

It can make your guests feel that your home’s interior is comfortable and pleasant, even before they step inside. Here are different entryway ideas that can help you create an impressive foyer.

Use Bold Colors

The elegance and sophistication that an iron door exudes are immense, and you can further enhance it with an impressive foyer. Select a bold color that complements your entry door, surrounding walls, and furniture.

For example, a vibrant apple-green can create a period version of your Federal-style home in Edmond. Place stripped or animal print runners on the entryway and stairs to make your iron door entrance come to life.

Personalize Surrounding Furniture

Having a small entryway doesn’t have to mean you limit your artistic capabilities. Your steel door gives off a dramatic vibe, which is why your entrance should harmonize with it.

A small nook can be maximized with an in-built bench and a slender table for small essential items. If your walls are neutral-colored, you can coat the wall in a striking cerulean wallpaper. Adding in vibrant abstract art next to your entry door can make this space impossible to ignore.

Use Doors with Sidelights

You can put a spotlight on your entry door with sidelights and transom. It’ll flood the space with natural light, giving a warm and comfortable vibe.

You can add modern light fixtures, vivid area rugs and place an antique table near your front door in Edmond. This will effectively create a fusion between contemporary and traditional styles.

Utilize Natural Textures

You might have thought a rug can solely be placed on your floor, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. If you have a beautiful cement-tile or wooden entryway, use a sisal rug to cover the walls around your steel door. You can also coat the surrounding walls with a Tian print wallpaper to illuminate your entry door in Edmond.

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