Seeking Inspiration from Famous Structures: Designing Steel Doors in Norman


Are you looking for a unique design for your steel doors in Norman but can’t find a muse? You’ve come to the right place. Certain famous steel sculptures around the world are major tourist spots all because of their intricate design.

Whether they’re bridges extending over the broadest rivers or structures connecting several communities, they’re all worth observing. Many of the most iconic buildings couldn’t have been constructed without steel. Here are some famous steel structures that can help to customize your steel doors in Norman.

The Empire State Building, NYC

Whether you’ve traveled to the Big Apple, the Empire State Building is hard to miss. This art-deco skyscraper was constructed in 1931 and comprised of 103-stories. One of its distinctive features is its height is 1,454 feet.

For nearly 40 years, the Empire State Building was titled the world’s tallest structure. Its enormous steel frame weighs 57,000 tons, with its overall weight coming to 365,000 tons. The building also contains multiple types of technological equipment, including generators that protect the surrounding businesses.

Willis Tower, Chicago

You might know this as the Sears Tower, which is a mesmerizing steel structure located in Chicago. It looks as if many different structures of varying heights were secured together to construct this edifice. Each segment of this building is connected by steel frames serving as a unique inspiration for your steel doors in Norman.


Brooklyn Bridge, New York

This structure is one of New York’s most prominent sites, as it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed in 1869. It took several years to be completed as the steel used was incredibly thick, and the construction posed to be very difficult. You can seek inspiration for your Norman steel doors through their intricate design.

The Gateway Arch, Missouri

You might be familiar with the term “Gateway to the West.” This structure is older than fifty years, but its innovative design can still serve as a muse for your steel doors in Norman. It’s as high as 630 feet and is visible in the St. Louis skyline.

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