Iron Door 101: What Parts Make Your Wrought Iron Doors in Tulsa Stand Out


The elegance and class that exudes from a wrought iron door can make your home noticeable among a row of houses. But have you ever wondered about what makes your iron door as stunning as it is?

Learning about its different parts can help you shop for new entry doors. It can also help you direct your focus on the features that make your iron door sing. In this way, you can be sure you’re replacing your old door with an iron door that suits you the most. Here are the different parts of your wrought iron door.

Door Frame

You may have passed by your wrought iron door a million times, but you may not have observed its door casing. This is the frame that surrounds your iron door and includes the astragal, door jamb, and door sill. It’s tightly secured into your home’s entrance in Tulsa, contributing to its dramatic appearance.

Door Jamb

The two vertical sides of your door’s frame are known as the door jamb. They can be connected to sidelights, which can make your entryway brighter through natural light. In this way, your iron door can add warmth, beauty, and a sense of openness to your Tulsa home.


This part is present in a double iron door as the vertical position is positioned between the two doors. Double wrought iron doors can create a more prominent, welcoming entrance in Tulsa.

Thermal Break

The insulating material inside your wrought iron door is usually weatherstripping seals, polyurethane foam filling, and waterproofing feathers.


These are fixed panels on your iron doors that either contain glass windows or don’t. They’re connected to one or both sides of your door casing.


The part that’s fitted above the door frame, extending above the sidelights and casing, is the transom.

Strike Plate

The small metal plate secured to the door jamb is the strike plate. It helps the iron door bolt to pass through and stay secure in position when it’s locked.


The shift between your home’s exterior and exterior is the threshold. It can be personalized according to your tastes to make it ornamental.

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