3 Wrought Iron Front Doors That Are Ideal for House Flipping Projects

In recent years, the demand for modern, minimalist, and visually serene interiors has increased. Homeowners are on the hunt for clean, fresh, inspiring, and soothing designs that make them feel right at home.

As you start working on your upcoming house flipping project, make sure you check off all the right boxes the right way! When it comes to the doors, windows, lighting, wall colors, furnishings, and other components, take your time to decide which element fits the space well.

In this blog, we’ll focus on front doors. Wrought iron doors are known for their incredible aesthetic appeal and excellent performance. We’ll walk you through three wrought iron front doors well-suited for modern house flipping projects.

Utilizing any one of these three doors, you’ll manage to impress your clients and close the deal even better than expected. Let’s get started!

1. Modern Wrought Iron Doors with Ornate Scrollwork

These gorgeous portals take the cake as the crème de la crème of residential doors. Owing to their deep finishing and intricate details, they add a beautiful balance to the rest of the space.

If you want your client’s interior entryway to stand out, invest in these stunning iron front doors. You’ll manage to make the space look more sumptuous, luxurious, and sophisticated.

2. Classic Iron Entry Doors with a Transom

If you want to wow your clients, get your hands on these gorgeous iron entry doors with a transom. Luxurious, eye-catching, and swanky, these doors are a sight for sore eyes. They look almost regal!

These beautiful doors complement various spaces: modern, minimalist, rustic, transitional, and even bohemian. They offer the best of both worlds: sophistication (owing to the scrollwork) and a clean look (owing to the double flat look). You’ll manage to impress prospective homeowners and make the property look more appealing and inviting.

Pro tip: Invest in an iron door spray for maintenance purposes. Offer it to your clients when you close the deal and walk them through the importance of routinely using it for optimal door aesthetic appeal.

3. Sleek Single Flat Iron Doors with Panels

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’re big fans of single flat doors! They’re a great choice for homes with narrow entryways. If you can’t install wide, tall entry doors, opt for a pair of sleek single flat iron doors with glass panels.

These doors are an easy winner in our eyes. They’re modern, eye-catching, and unique. The panels make them look even more appealing and exciting. When combined with a tawny welcome mat, these doors will win over your clients and help you close a great deal!

Looking for more inspiration? At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we stock a wide range of modern doors and windows. Our collection includes iron entry doors, steel doors, office doors, French doors, Dutch doors, pocket doors, wine cellar doors, room dividers, pivot doors, sliding doors, interior doors, barn doors, pantry doors, bi-fold doors, and dozens of more variations. Take a closer look at our collection to find your favorites!


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