4 Reasons Why You Should Only Choose Steel or Iron Doors for Your Home Renovation Project

It’s right around when residential real estate investors start renovating their properties to let out. The month of May isn’t far away, and you might want to get started on yours to ride the upcoming tide of potential tenants.

Here’s why we believe you should trade your old doors for iron and steel doors.

1. You’ll Have a More Valuable Asset

Not all upgrades guarantee an increase in your property’s market value. However, steel and iron doors are the one change that’ll always boost your value. As front doors, they increase your curb appeal, not to mention the demand for your property.

Therefore, even when you’re planning to sell your real estate, you’ll always have something to fall back on: a home with many takers should you need ready cash.

2. You May Charge a Higher Rent

By increasing the rent on your property, you risk losing potential tenants to the more affordable properties in your neighborhood. But by installing iron doors where everyone can see them and steel doors if they venture beyond your exterior, you’ll be validating the hike in your rent.

A tenant might be willing to pay more if they like the look of your home. Metal doors tend to do that all on their own, so go ahead and install them. See the return in investment multiply in the form of rent money every month.

3. You Don’t Have to Settle for Less

Iron and steel doors are highly customizable. You don’t have to contend with standard doors you saw at a box shop and plan your renovations around them because you can change various aspects of steel and iron doors so they fit your final vision.

Ordering custom iron doors isn’t all that difficult. You can:

  • Change their size.
  • Alter their entire shape or just specific areas.
  • Remove or add a kickplate.
  • Change the color.
  • Request a different glass type for more or less privacy.
  • Get a certain design on a different iron door.

· You Have All the Options You Need

You can install steel and iron doors as:

  • Front doors
  • Interior doors
  • Patio doors

Furthermore, you don’t have to limit yourself to hinged doors because they come in various conventional and unconventional types, such as:

  • Pivot Doors: Front iron doorswith a partially central axis for the pivoting mechanism.
  • Sliding Doors:Patio and interior doors with a sliding track on one or both sides of the wall.
  • Pocket Doors:Sliding doors with pockets inside both sides of the wall where they disappear into.
  • Barn Doors: Interior sliding doorswith an overhead sliding track over the wall.
  • French Doors: Hinged iron doorsthat are both classy and classic.
  • Dutch Doors: Iron doorswhose top half can open separately from the bottom half.

Find all of the above steel and iron doors at Pinky’s Iron Doors and place your custom orders today to prepare your property for peak renting season. Browse our doors and windows, and pair your purchases with the odd sidelight or transom.

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