Which Iron Doors are Right for Sunlit Entryways?

The exterior of your home determines the interior. The more doors and windows you have, the more access you're giving to natural sunlight. However, not all iron doors, Low-E glass or not, are conducive to a sunlit entrance.

In today's blog, we bring you modern iron doors that let in all the best light.

The Air 4 Dutch – Single Flat

Although the top half of all Dutch doors open independently of their bottom half, not all of them let the sun in as well as the Air 4 Dutch – Single Flat. With hardly any bars and plenty of Low-E glass, this single iron door is the front door you need to brighten up your foyer.

If you're on the lookout for single entry doors because your walls aren't helping and you don't have enough windows, go ahead and install this Dutch door. We can't guarantee how well it'll light up your home because that entirely depends on your location, but it can make your entrance, if not the rooms beyond it, much brighter.

The Air 5 – Double Full Arch

We'd go with ' grandiose' if we were to describe the Air 5 – Double Full-Arch in one word. There's nothing run-of-the-mill about this swinging door with its complete top arch and widely-spaced T-bars.

This iron door is large and minimalistic and hardly interrupts the large flowing through your doorway. Why interrupt that flow with furnishings? Keep the area on the other side of that front door sparse to make the most of that natural light.

The Air 19 Pivot – Flat

The Air 19 Pivot - Flat is not your average front iron door. If the previous door was grandiose, this one is downright humungous. A crowd favorite in residential and commercial spheres, this pivot door has a partially central axis on the top and bottom frames. This enables the door to open in either direction and creates a double entrance to your digs.

Is this iron door unconventional? Yes. Would it light up your interior? Not unless you customize it. Order this front door with the metal bars removed and get more Low-E glass in its place if you want that sunlit entrance.

The Air 5 Flat Top – W/Flat Top Transom

What if your iron door has expansive glass, but the door itself ends right where the best natural light is falling? Well, then you just have to make it taller to give that light access into your home.

The Air 5 Flat Top – W/Flat Top Transom is like any other swinging door with T-bars, but it comes with an identical window at the top. Open up your wall space for this transom to save yourself the expensive trouble of installing windows and changing the drapes to a lighter color.

You Know Where to Find These Iron Doors

Your future is quite literally brighter with the above iron doors. Find them at our virtual showroom and have them customized for size, color, shape, tops, and other individual aspects. Explore our modern iron doors, steel doors, and cold weather doors for your home exterior in the US.

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