Can I Install Bi-fold Doors in My Patio?

Accordion doors make a great addition to any home. Usually installed as patio doors, these iron doors are perhaps the greatest invention of this era. Bi-fold doors make grand patios because they require luxurious spaces.

Here are a few things to know before installing these modern iron doors.


For starters, your bi-fold doors need to be adjacent to an outdoor area with a gorgeous view. After all, installing bi-fold doors where the room opens into a back wall or something won’t exactly do much for your visual range.

To install these iron doors, your room needs to overlook a back garden, beach, or even beyond if you only have a low fence surrounding your property.

The second thing is the room itself. What is its purpose? Is it a kitchen or a dining area? If it’s the latter, these iron doors are perfect for opening up during the spring to summer seasons. It also helps that the folding panels rest on the other side of your room.


Just because you should install accordion doors doesn’t mean you can. Your room needs to fit a very specific bill in order to be compatible with these patio doors. For example, if you’re looking to replace a back door or window with bi-fold doors, you’ll probably need to open up your wall to fit these iron doors, which have at least three panels.

In other words, you can only install bi-fold doors as long as you have enough wall space and enough strength to open up said wall space. If you don’t have that, you might have to consider relocating or selecting a different set of iron doors.


Installing bi-fold doors is no easy task. If you didn’t open up the wall yourself, you shouldn’t be DIY-ing these iron doors either. Instead of winging it, get a professional on the job. Find someone who knows their accordion doors inside out, preferably someone from the iron door company where you got the bi-fold doors. If they can make them, odds are they can install them too.

A professional would help you determine how much space you need to install your selected accordion doors. If they’re from the company, they can also assist you in customizing your patio doors—adding or removing panels—for the wall space you have.

Can You Install Bi-fold Doors at Your Property?

The prerequisites for bi-fold doors may determine your decision to get them in the first place. Although they look great as patio doors, they aren’t for every home. At the end of the day, it’s more about being able to install these iron doors than assessing your pros and cons. Spoiler alert: you’ll probably come up empty on the latter.

If your walls meet the above pre-conditions, feel free to make your way to our showroom to flip through the iron doors and steel doors in our latest Air Collection. Order your bi-fold doors or look at the other patio doors we have to offer, such as Dutch doors, French doors, sliding doors, and pocket doors.

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