Arched vs. Flat Steel Doors: What Should Be My Pick?

Both arched and flat steel doors are beautiful in their own right. However, when you must choose one or the other, you may develop a strange case of analysis paralysis. Can’t decide? We’ll help you choose the right style for your space. Use this guide to get started!

1. Does Your Interior Space Feature Arched or Flat Edges?


Take a closer look at your interior space. What do you see? Lots of flat or arched edges? In this example, the interior entryway features an arched wall. The hanging lamp also has a spherical design. As you take a closer look at the accessories, you’ll notice that almost all have curved edges. The interior designer has balanced the arched elements with flat furnishings (flat steel doors and shelves).

This is a great way to determine which elements your space is requesting. Simply look around and determine whether your home features more flat or arched accessories and furnishings. If your answer leans towards the former, indulge in a set of arched steel doors. If it leans towards the latter, flat steel doors are your calling!

2. What’s Your Personal Taste?

Many homeowners get so caught up in design rules and laws that they forget to consider their own preferences. Avoid making this mistake at all costs.

Take some time to understand your own taste. Do you prefer flat or arched doors? We recommend browsing through as many designs as possible. This will help you understand which of the two options you naturally gravitate towards.

3. Do You Prefer Sleeker or Softer Spaces?


The sleek vs. soft debate often throws people off. What’s a sleek space? And what’s a soft space? Well, sleeker designs are usually more flat, defined, and sharp. Softer designs, in comparison, tend to be more arched and hushed.

If you prefer bold, sleek designs, indulge in flat steel doors. If you prefer more sophisticated, soft, free-flowing designs, treat your space to a set of arched steel doors.

Both of these designs are eye-catching, compelling, and visually stunning. It often comes down to your own preference and the natural harmony of the space.

If you’re confused about which doors are right for your home, speak with door designers and manufacturers. They’ll help you make the right call. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we help homeowners tackle this decision on a regular basis. Figuring out which design is right up your alley can be tricky and downright frustrating. Give us a call, and we’ll help you make the best decision for your space!

If you’re looking for a new set of doors or windows, take a closer look at our collection. We stock iron entry doors, steel doors, office doors, French doors, Dutch doors, pocket doors, wine cellar doors, room dividers, pivot doors, sliding doors, interior doors, barn doors, pantry doors, bi-fold doors, and many more designs. Our collection also features doors with transoms and sidelights. Let’s get started!


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