4 Affordable Iron Doors That Are Perfect for Your Next Home Makeover Project in New Mexico

Sun-dried bricks mixed with grass to maintain strength and mud-mortared and lots of layers of protective mud— these things make a typical New Mexico home. 


The architectural style in New Mexico is highly influenced by Spanish missions, traditional Pueblo architecture, and Territorial Style—a complete mix of Santa Fe.

When the homes are so earthy and minimalistic, you can adorn them with different types of entrances and patio doors. Whether you're looking for entry doors or interior doors, here are some affordable iron doors that are worth your attention.

Ornate Iron Doors

Ornate iron doors are worth every penny you spend due to the elegant designs they feature.

Most ornate iron doors feature double doors followed by sleek sidelights for an elegant and simple look. Ornate doors are affordable since the price greatly depends on the work you choose to get done. The simpler it'll be, the lower it'll cost without compromising on its beauty.

Iron Sliding Doors

New Mexico homes are known for large patios due to their love for nature and outdoor activities. Make the most of your New Mexico home by installing iron sliding doors for your patio.

Sliding doors are perfect for patios as they help provide an unrestricted view of the surroundings and plenty of ventilation. Add some grill work mixed with scrolling to make your patio stand out, or opt for a classic French iron door.

Contemporary Iron Doors

For those who like modern or contemporary lifestyles, contemporary iron doors will blend well with your new home.

Contemporary iron doors are all about simplicity. A thick border across a double-iron door with a tempered see-through glass pane in the middle is a perfect mix of modern and contemporary.

Folding Iron Doors

Folding iron doors are best if you're looking to ditch double doors. Most people prefer four panels when getting folding iron doors, which provides more functionality.

You can push open one panel or fold all of them aside for a grand entrance. And when it's not in use, it works as a beautiful large-oversized window. It can be used internally as room dividers in dining and living rooms.


Interested In More Iron Door Designs?

These are just some of the magnificent creations we discussed here. Pinky's Iron Doors' website features an extensive range of beautiful and elegant iron doors that customers can skim through.

We offer a large selection of modern iron doors that can be used internally or externally. While most iron doors are available in stock, our team loves creating custom iron doors for our customers.

Get in touch with us if you'd like us to design your dream iron door.


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