5 Things to Know Before Ordering a Custom Wrought Iron Door for Your Home



Thinking about replacing your existing doors with wrought iron ones? You're about to join the thousands of homeowners who found this decision to be the best they've ever made. Wrought iron doors are soaring in popularity across the country, leaving behind old school wooden and PVC options. Along with style and functionality, wrought iron doors are known for being extremely customizable. Here are some things to consider before ordering a wrought iron door for your home:


1.   Choose the Size

The first thing to determine is the size of the door. If you're getting an entry door, this tends to be typically larger as compared to interior doors. Take your time to measure the doorframe and your existing door to ensure that the new one will fit right in. However, if you want to change the size for something taller or wider, you'll need to break the wall and set the door frame before ordering the door.

2.   Frame Design

Wooden doors usually have square tops, but wrought iron doors can be customized according to your specific needs. Whether you want something simple like a flat top with a transom or an elaborate arch design, everything can be made accordingly. 

3.   Find a Style 

The door you choose should complement existing décor so that it ties the entire theme together. Wrought iron doors are known for their versatility and can work well with all kinds of settings. Whether you have a modern theme or are going for something traditional, these doors come in various designs that suit all purposes. A simple black frame with horizontal bars and glass panels will add class and definition to a modern setting. For something luxurious and traditional, you can choose a door with intricate detailing like ornate scrollwork for that added oomph. Ultimately, this depends on your unique preferences but gives you the opportunity to showcase your style.

4.   Glasswork

Next, you have the option of adding glass panels to your wrought iron door. You can choose between panels on the upper half or even go with a full-body glass, depending on the purpose and location of the door. You'll have various options to choose from, such as clear glass or frosted, ribbed, tinted glass for added privacy. 

5.   Handles

Lastly, think about the accents you want to do. Many tend to neglect handles and doorknobs, but they offer a unified and complete look. Choosing something brass or gold-toned will give you grand vibes, whereas silver will be best for a subtle touch.

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