Let your Entrance Speak a Thousand Words with These Custom Iron Door Designs

2021 is almost over, and the new year is lurking around the corner, making it the perfect time to get some entry door upgrades.


What better to make a grand statement than with a custom iron door!

We use expert craftsmen when working on custom pieces for our clients. From adding your family monogram to the iron doors to creating a design telling your story, the possibilities are endless with custom iron doors.

However, if you're clueless about the design, here are some custom iron door designs for you to take inspiration from:

Asymmetrical Iron Doors

While many people assume that custom iron doors are about intricate work, there are tons of other ways to create a beautiful masterpiece. One of our favorite custom iron door designs is asymmetrical iron doors.

It helps make the perfect addition to minimalistic and contemporary homes. There are many ways to customize it. For example, add sidelights to increase the flow of natural light or double the height for a grand entrance.

Color Block Style Iron Door

Sometimes it's best to make a bold and bright statement with your doors. While color block doors aren't very common, they do make a beautiful entrance. A color block iron door can make your home the hottest property on the block.

Use bright shades of maroon mixed with black to make a subtle statement, or use bright pastels to be bold and loud.

Scroll-Work Iron Doors

Scrollwork has been a part of the iron door designs for centuries. It's made using fine curvy lines by hand that requires experienced craftsmanship. Since each piece is hand-made, you'll find every iron door to be equally unique.

Scrollwork iron doors are a great choice if you aren't a fan of mass-produced doors where every home looks the same from the outside.

Minimalistic Design Iron Doors

Modern home lovers look for entry iron doors that are minimalistic and edgy, and extremely simple. With the precise placement of lines and shapes, you can create a magnificent custom iron door. Our favorite is the use of circles with sharp straight lines for the perfect combination of curvy-ness and clean lines.


Ready to Order?

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Our team will listen to everything you have to say and make a sketch for your ideal custom iron door. If there's something you don't love, our team will happily fix it for you and provide their expert advice on what they think will suit your home. 

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