4 Fantastic Ideas for Natural Lighting in Your Chelsea Home

Natural light bathes your home in a rich, full-spectrum hue and increases your body’s serotonin levels, giving it a feel-good boost. Once that Chelsea golden light hits your home’s interior, everything will look better.

Unfortunately, not many homes are built to maximize natural light. If your home is one of them, consider the following easy and effective installations to significantly bolster natural light levels inside:

Factory-style steel front doors 

An adequately lit home exterior exudes a comforting and inviting vibe. Factory-style steel front doors combine straight panels and clear glass to create a sleek and stylish entrance for your home. It’s a one-time investment that allows natural light to enter your home all year round.

You can rely on these robust and durable steel fixtures to last a lifetime and give you an excellent return on your investment. Pick your choice of glass for steel doors for enhanced privacy.

Bi-fold or accordion doors 

Installing grand bi-fold or accordion doors on the patio entrance allows the interior to blend with the exterior, providing a safe pathway to the scenic view outside. The golden rays can enter nonchalantly into your living space, allowing you to bathe in the warm hues.

Another benefit of installing accordion doors at the patio entrance is that they take little space and are easily accessible. They are exceptionally flexible and can open up an entire section of your wall to make it an ultra-chic entrance.

Custom steel interior doors with glass frames 

Does one room at your home get brilliant natural light while the main living space remains dark and gloomy? Consider getting customized steel interior doors with glass frames in this case. By installing these personalized outfits at different strategic locations at your home, you can allow ample natural light to enter and lit up your home.

Steel sliding doors

Your terrace or balcony is the optimal spot to soak in the warm sun. It’s also a fantastic portal that allows natural light to enter your main space. Installing steel sliding doors can allow you to open a massive portion of your balcony and terrace wall and let the golden light in.

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