4 Ideas to Design Your Home with Elements from Spanish Architecture

Do you need a DIY project to keep you occupied as you quarantine during the pandemic? We’ve got the perfect one for you!

How does updating your home’s décor sound?

Spanish style elements have become popular among modern interior decorators. Spanish architecture’s unique combination of Mediterranean flair and rustic styles gives it an unparalleled appeal.

If you’re planning to incorporate Spanish architectural elements into your home, here are a few ways you can get started.

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Go the Stucco Way

Most buildings featuring Spanish design elements have a stucco-like appearance. If you don’t want to stucco your walls, you can use faux products to trick the eye.

Faux products allow you to simply paint on the wall for a stucco-like appearance. When you’re selecting the paint, make sure you go for warmer tones and hues.

Incorporate Wood Elements

Natural elements are an important part of Spanish design, and that’s where wood comes in.

If your walls already have wooden trims, you can refinish them for a more stained and darker look. If they’re painted, you can consider stripping it off to let the natural wood color shine through.

You can also incorporate wood elements into your home décor by using wooden beams on the ceiling. Make sure they go with the color of the wooden trims on your wall.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Carpeting isn’t a thing in Spanish architectural home styles. As such, if you’re going for the authentic look, go for hard flooring in natural wood or terracotta for that rustic appearance. You can even use laminate flooring for the same effect.

You may use rugs and floor mats in different areas of your home, for instance, near the dining or in the living room as a focal point. Go for warm hues like orange, red, and yellow or a bit of blue and green here and there when choosing rugs.

Make Wrought Iron Your Best Friend

Wrought iron is at the heart of all Spanish architecture. Its rustic yet polished appeal plays a great role in giving Spanish architectural elements everything they’re revered for.

As such, a sure-fire way to introduce Spanish style design elements to your home is to start with a wrought iron door, iron railings, and iron cabinet hardware.


Buy A Wrought Iron Door To Tie The Whole Look Together!

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