4 Ways to Make Your New Home’s Entryway More Welcoming

Your home’s entryway says a lot about your style and taste. It’s the first thing anyone sees when they pull up to your house or drive by.

So you can imagine that when an entryway looks boring or downright unkempt and neglected, your guests may not be too keen to see what awaits them on the inside and if it’s worse than the sight that greeted them outside.

If you’re trying to make a great impression on anyone who visits your home and increase your home’s value, here are a few entryway design ideas you should try out.


Remove Excess Clutter from the Entryway

Your entryway can get a bit too cluttered if you have limited space inside and outside the house. Put on your Marie Kondo hat and get de-cluttering!

Remove excess items that are making your entryway appear too cramped. If you have limited space, try removing the small chair and table you may have placed near the entryway and replace it with small plants outside the entryway.

Invest in a multi-purpose rack that can be used for coats and shoes so you can keep all the items there without cluttering the space with too many racks.

Brighten Up the Space with More Lighting

Nobody likes stepping into a home with a dull and dimly-lit entryway because that’s just one step short of walking into an eerie, possibly haunted house.

If you have plant boxes placed outside your entryway, place solar lights near them to brighten it up. You can experiment with other kinds of lighting like LED lights or fairy lights if you’re feeling festive.

You could also use a chandelier on the ceiling or light fixtures on each side of the door for a more sophisticated look.

Make It Look Bigger Than It Is

Another great design element for your entryway is to hang mirrors on one side of the entryway wall. Doing this will make your entryway look bigger than it actually is.

Adding mirrors also brighten up the space around your entryway. This can come in really handy, especially if your home doesn’t get direct sunlight.

You can even paint the walls a different color to define the entryway by differentiating it from the rest of your house.


Upgrade to A Wrought Iron Door

This is a sure-fire way to make your entryway look stunning, elegant, and welcoming.

The intricate designs of the wrought iron door make for a good addition to your home’s entryway, greatly enhancing your curb appeal. With an array of designs and styles to pick from, you can easily pick one that best fits your home’s aesthetic.

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