4 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Doors Have Become A Must-Have

Luxury house with iron doors.

Much like brick homes, wrought iron doors date back to the 17th century. They were known to be the most secure gates at the time, and were commonly used in government buildings and luxurious mansions.

Thanks to their durability and timeless elegance, wrought iron doors have stood the test of time. Even after centuries, no other type of door provides the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

They may be more expensive than conventional wooden doors, but they’re virtually indestructible. Modern wrought iron doors come in a variety of shapes and designs that work for homes with historical and contemporary aesthetics.

Here’s why wrought iron doors have become a must-have:

1. Nothing Beats the Iron and Brick Combination

In states like Texas, where most houses are made of brick or some other type of masonry, wrought iron doors are immensely popular.

The combination of brick construction with stunning iron doors goes back centuries. There’s an eternal quality about brick buildings and iron doors/gates that modern buildings can’t replace.

If you have masonry in your home, installing a wrought iron door will take its beauty to another level.

2. They’re Almost Maintenance-Free

Beautiful house with iron doors in the back.

No matter how much you look after your wooden door, it’s always going to be susceptible to rot. Moisture seeps into wood and weakens it from within. These doors are also prone to insect activity and damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Unlike wooden doors, iron doors do not warp.

Wooden doors will need to be painted, treated, and varnished through the years before being replaced. Wrought iron doors will need to be wiped down with mild cleansers or soap water in humid environments to prevent rust formation, but they won’t require any other maintenance.

3. They’re the Most Secure

No other door provides homeowners the security of wrought iron doors. They’re made of 12-gauge steel and are compatible with all kinds of security locks and alarm systems.

Unlike wood doors, wrought iron doors can’t be broken into.

4. They’re Energy-Efficient

Energy-efficient wrought iron doors can help reduce your energy bills in the long-run. Iron doors have a polyurethane foam, which provides insulation for the entire year. The foam also prevents the development of rust.

Wrought iron doors are equipped with weatherstripping to prevent rainwater from seeping in, so homeowners don’t need to worry about damage during harsh weather conditions.  

Homeowners should always be looking for ways to increase property value. Installing high-end wrought iron doors enhances curb appeal, improves security, boosts energy-efficiency, and increases property value.

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