Like the Historic Aesthetic? Install Wrought Iron Doors at your Home’s Entrance

Large mansion with iron doors.

As a timeless choice, wrought iron doors can fit into virtually any architectural style. However, there’s an old-world charm to these doors that makes them ideal for homeowners whose taste transcends time – the historical aesthetics aficionados.

When it comes to historic houses, it’s all about authenticity. Since wrought iron doors date back to the Middle Ages, they’ll seamlessly blend with the distinctive character of a historic home.

Striking the perfect balance between beauty and history, these doors will whisper tales of antiquity to anyone who enters your front door.

Keep reading to find out more about wrought iron doors and their many uses in historic homes and beyond.

Why Choose Wrought Iron Doors for Historic Homes

PINKYS Iron Door Wrought Iron Front Door

Whatever your preferred style is, you’ll want both the interior and exterior of your house to match it.

Going for Colonial style? You should probably work on your collection of antiques, folk art pieces, and vintage rugs. In love with the charming French Country style? Fill your space with wood furniture and rustic accents.

Want your house to echo the past? Enter wrought iron. A high-end door built using this resilient material will help you maintain the authenticity and charm of the era you’re trying to replicate (be it the Renaissance or the Gothic period).

Not only will these doors match the aesthetic of a historic home, but they’ll enhance it as well. With a custom wrought iron door, you can truly add the wow factor to your home’s entrance and enhance your property’s curb appeal. Best of all? This timeless design and sturdy construction will stand the test of time, creating lasting beauty for the generations to come.

Other Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors

PINKYS wrought iron door

Let’s be honest; most people have made style choices solely based on aesthetics. Sure, this should cause no issues with elements like art pieces and paint specifications. But when it comes to functional items like furniture and doors, only considering aesthetics might not be such a good idea.

Neglect to take practical considerations into account and the functionality and comfort of your home will take quite a hit. With this in mind, let’s explore what else wrought iron doors have to offer beyond their charming appearance.

Forged to Endure

Choose a reputable manufacturer like PINKYS, and the quality of wrought iron used for your doors will be second to none. With how strong and durable iron is by its very nature, this translates to years of unwavering reliability for your home.

And it doesn’t even matter if you use the wrought iron doors inside or outside.

Install them outside, and they will endure anything the Great Outdoors throw at them without showing signs of wear and tear. Temperature extremes, inclement weather, and the harshest elements; you name it, and these doors will resist it.

Now let’s take a trip indoors. Wrought iron doors won’t scratch, warp, dent, or rot. In other words, there’s no need to worry about humidity, energetic pets, and mischievous children wreaking havoc on your interior doors.

Minimal Upkeep

Anyone who’s owned a wood door knows what goes into maintaining it. Regular painting or staining, sealing, refinishing, and the list could go on and on. Even painted steel doors can give homeowners a headache sometimes. But not wrought iron doors.

These doors are virtually maintenance-free. In fact, even that can be an understatement since these doors can be actually classified as self-maintaining.

Over time, they’ll develop a patina that acts as a natural lubricant. Throw their innate anti-rust properties into the mix, and one thing becomes abundantly clear – wrought iron doors are the epitome of worry-free elegance. Use PINKYS iron door spray to clean the doors and protect them from the environment.

Swift Setup

Installing a wrought iron door is a breeze. For instance, PINKYS ships all of its iron doors with the majority of hardware you’ll need for a quick and easy installation. Choose the right measurements, and you won’t have to tear up your home during installation. What’s more, you probably won’t even have to leave the house while the installation takes place.

Energy-Efficient Design

Sure, you want your historic home to look great. But you’ll probably also want it to feel comfortable year-round. That’s where wrought iron doors' insulation properties come into play.

These doors will do wonders for the quality of your life (and your energy bill in the process!). They owe this quality to the included weather stripping, which reduces air and heat leakage. Since the air can’t pass from one side of the door to the other, you’ll be pleasantly cool during the summer months and cozy during the cold winters. Plus, bid farewell to constantly adjusting your HVAC unit to accommodate temperature changes.

Worthwhile Investment

Let’s face it – wrought iron doors aren’t the most affordable doors you can purchase. But they are the most cost-effective in the long run. You see, these doors are unbelievably sturdy, resistant, and durable. What does this mean for you? It means no repairs or replacements in the near future. All the money you will save in the long run will more than cover the somewhat high upfront cost.

Value Boost

There’s no doubt about it – investing in iron doors means investing in the future of your historic home. Chances are you won’t have to replace these doors ever. Best of all? With proper care, they’ll look brand-new for years to come.

All these qualities make iron doors a highly desirable addition to your property that boosts its value significantly and instantly. It doesn’t matter whether you're planning a sale in the future. It will be treated as a valuable asset.

Limitless Possibilities

Do you want a door that perfectly matches your aesthetic and reflects your unique personality? Simply have it custom-made! Wrought iron doors can be fully customized to blend with your historic house to a tee. Change the glass type, choose the perfect finish, or mix up the hardware; the choice is all yours. The result? A magnificent door no other designs in the neighborhood (and beyond) can come close to.

What Types of Historic Homes Will Benefit From Wrought Iron Doors the Most?

PINKYS wrought iron door

Let’s be clear from the get-go – a wrought iron door can go wherever you want it to go. However, there are some historic homes whose distinctive appearance simply yearns for such a door. Interestingly, most of them have something to do with the Victorian era.

While Victorian architecture in the U.S. comes in various styles (as you’ll see below), these houses usually share some characteristics. They’ll often boast exquisite stone and wood exteriors and consist of complex, asymmetrical shapes and ornamental trims.

Such houses deserve nothing less than a lavish double-entry door. PINKYS offers a vast collection of these doors with windows for ventilation. Discover where such doors would fit the best.

Gothic Revival

The Victorian architecture was heavily inspired by the mesmerizing cathedrals of the Gothic age. So, no wonder buildings from these two periods share many similar characteristics. Houses built in the Gothic Revival style usually boast many arches, ornate details, and windows with vertical dividers. In other words, something like the Air 4 Double Full Arch doors would fit right in.

Second Empire

The Second Empire style is a direct descendant of the Italian Renaissance. There are many houses built in this style throughout the U.S., but two facts usually ring true for most of them – they have a mansard roof, and they’re beyond elegant and grand. And do you know what perfectly complements the elegance and grandeur of these homes? That’s right, wrought iron doors (preferably a double beauty!).

Richardsonian Romanesque

The U.S. architect Henry Hobson Richardson has had a great influence on American architecture. He’s often credited as the person who singlehandedly revived the medieval Romanesque style in the U.S., mixing it with the popular American style of the time. The result? The ever so popular Richardsonian Romanesque style. Wrought iron doors will seamlessly blend into the massive stone structures and signature arches of homes built in this romantic style.

Shingle Style

Compared to most styles from the Victorian era, shingle-style houses are rather simple. But this doesn’t mean they’re plain or boring. They mostly got rid of all the decorative elements but kept the elegance and sophistication of a historic home.

These houses are often transformed into lavish summer homes in coastal areas. As such, they deserve equally lavish wrought iron doors that blend sophistication with coastal charm.

Stick Style

Stick-style homes are arguably the simplest form of historic homes. With these homes, you can take two routes. Either choose equally simple and refined iron doors that match the surrounding boards or go for the contrast, selecting doors that are “loud” and extravagant. The latter option will allow you to create a captivating focal point on your home’s exterior.

How to Ensure the Wrought Iron Doors Perfectly Match Your Historic Home

PINKYS wrought iron door

By their very nature, wrought iron doors perfectly complement historic houses. This material has been around for centuries, adding to its authenticity. Still, you can take a few steps to ensure seamless integration of this design element into your home’s aesthetic.  

Match the Surrounding Motifs

There are no rules to how a historic house should look like. Some, like shingle and stick-style houses, are relatively plain and lack grand windows and fancy ornaments. Others, however, look less like a house and more like a miniature Gothic castle.

To achieve a balanced look, you’ll want your doors to match the surrounding elements. So, let’s say you’ve opted for a simpler style. In that case, you’ll want something like the Air 4 Double Flat doors. No bells and whistles, just a simple and elegant design that exudes old-world charm.

If, on the other hand, you want to go all out, select something like the Beverly Double Flat doors. The intricate scrollwork adorning these doors is something straight out of the Gothic age. This makes this model ideal for homeowners who prioritize craftsmanship and adore ornate detailing in and outside their homes.

Include Frosted Glass

In the past, homeowners would use decorative patterns and stained or frosted glass on doors and windows to protect their privacy. Since glass is often the focal point of a historic home, chances are this surface is all around your house as well. To add to the authenticity of wrought iron doors, consider purchasing ones with frosted glass inserts.

Besides the visual benefits of these doors, you’ll be able to enjoy the more practical ones as well – a lot of privacy with abundant natural light filtering through.

Choose Arched Styles

Like wrought iron, arches have been another staple of various architectural styles for centuries. They might not go as far back as this metal, but they’re old enough to be a perfect fit for a historic home. On top of their historical appeal, arched doors will soften any harsh and angular lines on your home and make it appear more spacious. They also complement other arches beautifully, so consider investing in arched windows as well.

Choose the Best Color

Color plays a huge role in enhancing the authenticity and charm of historic homes. Choose the right paint, and you can showcase its striking architectural details in all their glory. The same goes for the color of your wrought iron doors. Most homeowners will go for the traditional choice—black—but other opulent colors, like bronze or silver, can further elevate the visual appeal of your home (while remaining historically accurate!).

How Can You Use Wrought Iron Doors in a Historic Home?

PINKYS wrought iron door

Wrought iron excels at bringing old-time elegance into your home. For this reason, homeowners fond of historical aesthetics will have this material everywhere – chandeliers, plant stands, gates, and the list could go on and on.

Things are quite similar when it comes to doors as well. Although this metal is most commonly used outdoors (for front-facing entry doors), there’s really no limit to where you can install wrought iron doors. Wherever you put them, one thing’s for sure – they’ll add a unique touch to the room and elevate the overall ambiance.

Discover some of the most appealing ways to feature these beautiful doors in (and around) your historic home.

Front Doors

Your front doors are the heart of your home, historic or not. They’re the first thing your friends and family members see when visiting and your first chance to leave a lasting impression. In other words, this is the element to choose very carefully.

For historic homes, these doors hold an even great significance. After all, they directly reflect the architectural style the home has been built in and showcase its unique character and heritage. Whether you choose an ornate Gothic entryway or an understated Colonial entrance, these doors will mark the beginning of the journey into the past your house provides.

Wine Cellars

What’s a great estate without a wine cellar? These special areas began as simple caves in the ground but gradually evolved into elaborate spaces for storing and aging wine. Like wrought iron, these rooms have a rich history. And that’s exactly what makes wine cellars and wrought iron doors a match made in heaven.

Patio Doors 

Victorian-inspired patios are truly a sight to behold. They’re filled with lush greenery, ornate details, and often intricate ironwork. One look at such a patio, and it becomes clear why a wrought iron door would fit right in. This element will perfectly complement the romantic charm and elegant aesthetic of this delightful retreat.

Barn Doors

If your property features a barn to match your historic house, grace it with a wrought iron door as well. Not only will you make the barn match your house through and through, but you’ll also boost the functionality of this space. For instance, PINKYS barn doors are sliding doors, preventing you from wasting even a single inch of this often cramped space.

Pocket Doors

Are you a fan of the over-the-top historical style that’s all about drama? If so, you’ll absolutely adore wrought iron pocket doors! These doors can seamlessly disappear into the wall, creating a visually striking effect. When fully opened, they reveal a wide and unobstructed view into the room of your choosing, giving a sense of grandeur and openness.

Regain Historical Splendor With PINKYS Iron Doors

PINKYS wrought iron door

When it comes to wrought iron doors for the most diverse purposes, PINKYS reigns supreme. So, no wonder individuals who own a historic home or love the historic aesthetic will have no trouble finding the perfect door for their beloved space here. No matter if you’re looking for a simple iron door with a few horizontal bars or an extravagant piece with intricate scrollwork, PINKYS has got you covered.

Even better, you can work with our skilled team to create a 100% custom door that will match your home’s style to a tee. When working with PINKYS, the only limit is your imagination.

On our end, our team will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life, delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail in the processes.

Visit our website to discover our vast collection of iron and steel doors that will enhance your gorgeous historic home and contact us for a free quote.

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