How to Create Interior Spaces With a Cozy Appeal

woman using her phone and smiling as she reclines in a white crochet hammock

Designing your home isn’t simply about aesthetic appeal. If you forgo functionality and comfort, you’ll struggle to feel at home. When designing interior spaces, make coziness a priority to ensure you can relax after a long day. Here’s a handy guide.

1. Incorporate a Hammock Into Your Space

Hammocks have been trending for a couple of years now, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they allow you to comfortably recline in your home, but they also add a touch of modern serenity to interior spaces. Hang a gorgeous white crochet hammock in your living room or bedroom to infuse the space with cozy appeal.

We suggest opting for minimalist colors to avoid transforming your home into an eyesore. While white works best, soft pastels like pale lime, sky blue, powder pink, beige, and light grey are also great options. Once you’re all set, kick back and relax!

2. Choose the Right Lighting

When it comes to comfortable interior design, lighting makes all the difference. Avoid large, gaudy fixtures that emanate a harsh, off-putting light. Instead, treat your living space to minimalist fixtures that radiate a soft, warm glow that makes your space appear more inviting and relaxing. The last thing you want to do is transform your home into a blinding showroom that you can’t wait to leave. The comfier the overall energy, the more calm and content you’ll feel.

3. Opt for Factory-Style Iron Patio Doors


Take a quick look at your doors and windows. Are they outdated, lackluster, and narrow? Replace nondescript doors and windows with wide, modern alternatives to make your space look and feel more comfortable and cozy.

Opt for factory-style iron patio doors with glass. You can also opt for steel frame doors with square panes. As long as your doors and windows allow a plethora of natural light to pour into your space, you’re good to go. Not only will your furnishings, fixtures, and accessories come to life, but you’ll also feel more relaxed.

4. Add a Touch of Comfort to Your Lounging Space

wicker chair with white pillow 

Does your lounging space comprise a couple of chairs or a set of sectionals without any accessories? Skimping on comfortable support is a big no.

Indulge in ultra-relaxing pillows, throws, and lounging blankets to make your afternoon reading session more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, incorporate some refreshing potted plants into the space.

Read our previous blog on how to design a calm and minimal zen corner for more insight.

5. Let Go of Structure

woman sitting in bed in a modern, minimalist, and creatively designed bedroom

There’s no denying that structure is a boon for most interior spaces. However, it’s not always best for the bedroom. Think outside the box and let your creativity take over. Instead of solely playing by the rules, leave a ton of room for creative expression so your space feels more personalized and cozy.

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