5 Mini House Hacks for Maximizing Space

With the mini house trend—now known as the tiny house movement—gradually taking over in 2020, more people are turning toward smaller spaces that exude cozy homeliness and compact comfort.

From Kesha to Robert Pattinson to Jennifer Lawrence, celebrities seem to have jumped on the bandwagon with us!

Whether you've made the switch and live in a cozy haven or simply need to maximize space in your 3000 square feet home, we've got you covered with some fresh ideas that'll make your space look and feel larger while retaining the snugness.

1. Iron or Steel Room Dividers to the Rescue!

One of the best ways of maximizing space in a small home is expertly demarcating sections with a room divider. Instead of using the entire space for multiple purposes—thereby increasing chances of cramming—a space divider will create uniformity and organization by sectioning off zones.

Ultimately, you'll be able to use the same space for multiple purposes without scattering and inevitable pile-ups.

We recommend opting for wrought iron or steel room dividers for a sleek and contemporary look. Not only will your space look refreshed, but you'll also benefit from enhanced functionality and accessibility. 

2. Take Things a Step Further With Interior Sectional Steel Doors

While room dividers are ideal for providing partial separation between spaces, sectional doors add a touch of permanence without the fear of commitment! You'll be able to create a clear demarcation while enhancing accessibility.

Multi-purpose sectional doors are ideal for larger living rooms that serve as the primary space in small homes. By providing permanent separation, they serve as a wall without restricting mobility. Homeowners with spacious living rooms can also make the most of sectional doors by creating separate zones for study, work, and entertainment, thereby maximizing space in an efficient manner.

Whether you opt for steel sectional doors with sidelights flat top or custom steel doors, you'll achieve the perfect balance in your home without compromising on design and aesthetic appeal.

3. Make the Most of Mirrors!

Mirrors are one of the best ways of giving the illusion of more space, thereby giving your home a virtual expansion effect. Not only will your home appear more spacious, but you'll also feel like you're surrounded by open layers in your cozy haven. This will ultimately help you achieve better placement for furnishings and accessories, resulting in further expansion and efficient space utilization.

We recommend investing in curved mirrors for a softening effect that enhances the interior appeal of your home. If you have harsh doors, replace them with softly arched iron doors or luxurious full arch steel doors.

For added sophistication, indulge in double mini arch French doors.

4. Save Space With Dutch Doors

The secret behind successful compact homes is utilizing space in a smart and efficient manner. We love how Dutch doors add a touch of glamour to small homes while allowing homeowners to make the most of the surrounding space.

Whether you want to place mini stools, potted plants, storage baskets, or wooden racks nearby, you'll be able to achieve a large amount of space that lets you show off your creative interior skills!

Single flat Dutch doors are one of the best ways of achieving a versatile swing that not only helps you maximize space, but also get a fresh breeze in without opening your door in its entirety!

5. Say Yes to Custom Sliding Doors!

We saved the best for last. Custom sliding doors are ultimately the most powerful weapon in the tiny home arsenal.

While conventional hinge doors swing open or close, thereby taking up a significant amount of space, sliding doors help homeowners breeze in and out of spaces without the large space occupation. By moving on their rails, these smart doors are ideal for maximizing space. Not only will you get away with placing objects nearby, but you'll also notice that your home appears larger and more spacious—both from the inside and outside.

Make the most of steel sliding doors by opting for a custom design that matches the flavor and pizzazz of your home!

Ready to make your home appear larger than life? We offer a wide range of sleek, modern, and functional steel and wrought iron doors across the U.S. Whether you're looking for stunning pocket doors or versatile passage doors, we can make it all happen. Call us at 844-843-6677 to get started!

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