In Honor of Those Who Served: Memorial Day Sale at Pinky's Iron Doors

As Memorial Day draws close, everybody has started gearing up to commemorate the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom. From attending patriotic events to celebrating the symbolic significance of the day by holding family get-togethers, the annual holiday ultimately helps us honor the essence of freedom, sacrifice, and community spirit.

At Pinky's Iron Doors, we always go the extra mile to honor military veterans and fallen soldiers, while keeping the spirit of celebration alive by giving back to our incredible customers.

With up to 60% off, no tax, next-day shipping, and financing with affirm,we've ensured our customers can add a touch of sophistication and contemporary luxury to their homes just in time for Memorial Day!

If you have friends and family coming over, here are some doors you need to check out before the sale ends! With discounts extending to our accessories and add-ons—including transoms, sidelights, locks, and door handles—you'll be able to deck your home with sleek and ethereal elegance at its best.

1. Make the Most of Our Steel Doors

Give your home a fresh makeover by replacing your dull and boring entry and passage doors with glamorous steel doors.

Our double flat steel doors are engineered and manufactured using the highest quality material and techniques. Not only will your home appear revitalized, but you won't have to worry about finding new replacements within a few years. 

For smaller spaces, indulge in our bestselling single flat steel doors. Ideal for homes with contemporary design and decor, these sophisticated doors will add a perfect touch of elegance.

2. Get Your Home Ready for a Big Memorial Day Party With Custom Bi-Fold Doors

Planning a Memorial Day party soon? Deck your home with our beautiful custom bi-fold doors so your guests can soak in the stunning view in all its glory!

Our luxurious Air 4 bi-fold doors have a unique accordion opening method that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your patio. Whether you plan on having a sizzling BBQ or a light commemorative dinner with your loved ones, these contemporary doors will add the cherry on top of a lovely night.

3. Sleek French Doors: Honor Military Veterans and Fallen Soldiers with a Cozy Get-Together

Planning a cozy get-together in the evening? While you may have the drinks, breezy snacks, and outdoor furnishings ready, it's essential that you indulge in the perfect doors for an added touch of charm.

Our sleek double flat French doors are a perfect accessory for your home! Not only will they take your Memorial Day lunch to new heights, but they'll also equip your home with an elegance that lasts a lifetime.

Whether you plan on holding Fourth of July parties this summer or refreshing brunches with your girls, your home will be in perfect shape for the festivities!

If you're a fan of curved edges, we recommend opting for our sultry double mini arch French doors. The light curve will add a touch of softness to your home that makes guests breeze in and out while appreciating the exotic French bends.

For sophistication like no other, indulge in our double full arch French doors. With each door on sale, you'll be able to invest in your favorites without the guilt!

4. Enhance Curb Appeal with a Dazzling Dutch Entry Door

Our dreamy Dutch entry door is perfect for a Memorial Day evening party with your immediate family. By setting the table for 2–6 individuals, you'll be able to have a cozy and intimate dinner with your spouse and kids. Dive into the history of Memorial Day and the essence of gratitude as you indulge increamy mushroom risotto and a light salad with your family.

For beautiful curb appeal that keeps you warm company, invest in our luxurious single flat Dutch entry door. The exquisite addition pairs perfectly with sleek interior and exterior decor.

To do the glamorous entry door justice, we recommend decking your curb with potted plants and gorgeous lights that create an ambiance like no other.

5. Don't Forget to Benefit from Our Special Sale on Wrought Iron Doors!

Our luxurious wrought iron doors take the definition of luxury to a completely new level. Indulge in our statement double flat iron doors to bathe your home in sophistication that makes homeowners and guests feel welcome and enlivened.

To add intricate design to the mix, opt for our bestselling double full arch iron doors.

Ultimately, your home will exude unparalleled beauty and comfort that makes you wonder why it took you so long to make the switch!

Take your home to new heights by making the most of our stunning interior doors. With incredible discounts, nationwide next-day shipping, and no tax on orders outside California, you can make the most of the latest designs!

Check out our pivot doors, room dividers, pocket doors, passage doors, barn doors, and sliding doors for a glimpse of our wide range of discounted offerings.

Happy shopping!

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