Going for Contemporary Interior Design? These Doors Are the Perfect Fit

While traditional doors are still a go-to for a large majority of people, it's ultimately the contemporary look that's been winning by a landslide this year! From celebrities to local New Yorkers to high-end interior designers, everyone's been swooning over the glossy and sophisticated look of contemporary-chic doors.

While some opt for a minimalistic touch, others douse their modern styles in grandeur and opulence. We've rounded up some of our favorite inspirations to help you finalize your pick this year!

Big and Bold Steel Doors for the Win

Steel doors have been unanimously winning with their fresh and crisp design. To do justice to your home, we recommend opting for double flat steel doors or double full arch sleekness. Whether you opt for edges or soft curves, your home will make the most of the refreshing design and contemporary feel of steel doors.

Moreover, their impeccable quality will further enhance their functionality, thereby helping you make the most of dazzling doors that last for years without any complications or rigorous maintenance.

Add a Touch of Sleekness to Your Home With Custom Iron Doors

There's something about custom iron doors that makes them an easy fan favorite. From the biggest names in Hollywood to some of the top interior designers in the industry, the world can't seem to get enough of the modern beauty of custom wrought iron doors.

If your home is decked in minimalist decor and design, double flat iron doors will be a welcome addition. Add flavor and pizzazz to your interior space by decking it with bold statements and accessories that reveal flirty pops of color.

Contemporary French Doors for the Win!

French doors have officially regained their popularity in 2020 and it doesn't seem like they'll be going out of style any time soon!

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, we recommend investing in refreshing single flat French doors that instantly add life to your space. By complementing your interior design, French doors will balance each color, texture, and accessory while adding vigor and fun to the overall atmosphere!

For a touch of softness, invest in single mini arch French doors that enhance the contemporary feel of your home by creating depth and dimension.

Air 8 Wrought Iron Doors

Known for their majestic beauty, Air 8 wrought iron doors have a transformative effect on homes. By balancing shadows and letting in the perfect amount of light, these beauties create dynamism in the home, thereby complementing the surrounding landscape and design.

Check out our wide range of steel doors, sliding doors, French doors, and Dutch doors for a glimpse of our intricately-designed doors that pack functionality and accessibility. 

We also offer a wide range of locks, handles, transoms, and sidelights to help you pick the perfect accessories for enhanced security and aesthetic appeal. Call us at 844-843-6677 to get started!

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