Why a Custom Iron Door Is a Smart Investment

Whether you recently developed an interest in interior design or have been skimming through the glossy pages of Architectural Digest for what seems like eons, we're sure you understand the importance of the wow factor. While most interior door designs and styles we come across tend to pique our interest, there are very few that force us to drop our belongings and let out a loud gasp of wonderment.

In most cases, those pieces tend to be custom-made.

There's something about the art of combining professional interior door expertise with the creative control of homeowners that transcends all expectations and creates magic.

While iron doors are one of the most popular contemporary choices, custom iron doors take things to a new level by packing unparalleled aesthetic appeal and functionality.

If you've been considering giving your home a makeover, we've rounded up some reasons why investing in a custom door, as opposed to conventional alternatives, should be your top priority.

Read on!

1. Custom Iron Doors are An Affordable Contemporary Option

Along with being a stunning visual feast, custom wrought iron doors are also an affordable option that lets customers make the most of their creativity without breaking the bank.

Unlike regular options on the market, custom iron doors are carefully designed and assembled to last a lifetime. While wood doors tend to rot, custom iron doors stand the test of time by maintaining their aesthetic appeal and functionality over the years.

2. Custom Iron Doors Offer Enhanced Functionality and Safety

Squeaking sounds? Increased friction? Tough pull? While you may have experienced these problems with regular doors, custom iron doors are manufactured using the finest ingredients, thereby leaving no room for malfunctioning.

They also offer enhanced safety by preventing intruders from easily breaking in. Not only are they harder to break, but they also make a distinctive sound when hit.

3. Aesthetic Appeal Like No Other

Need we say more? Custom iron doors instantly improve the overall appeal of a home by adding a touch of contemporary elegance and sleekness. By offering their personal insight, customers can make the most of a stellar design that aligns with their interior decor and the general feel of the home.

Whether you invest in double full arch custom iron doors or stunning single full arch alternatives, you're bound to strike the perfect balance and deck your home with your dream doors!

We also recommend looking into French doors and Dutch iron doors for an exquisite taste of design at its best.

4.Custom Iron Doors Are Energy-Efficient

Our custom iron doors are created with 12 gauge material, thereby serving as an excellent energy-efficient option. With 2-inch-thickness and a steel threshold, they keep the cold out during frigid weather and block heat during summer.

Not only will you save money by cutting down on heating and cooling, but you'll also benefit from eliminated air leakage. The dual sealing and Polyurethane dual foam weather stripping inside each frame further prevents sound, light, moisture, smoke, and fire from causing damage.

5.Custom Iron Doors Are a Long-Term Investment

By opting for your ideal pick and making the most of stellar quality, custom wrought iron doors are truly an investment worth making.

Not only will your home retain its aesthetic appeal and exuberant glory over the years, but it'll also remain safe and functional. Requiring minimal maintenance, custom wrought iron doors save customers a lot of time and energy by paying off in every aspect.

Bring your home to life by browsing through some inspiration and calling us at 844-843-6677 to get started! We also offer a wide range of pocket doors, passage doors, and pivot doors to help you deck your home with the best.

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