5 Popular Customizations You Can Make With Wrought Iron Doors

If carefully crafted wrought iron doors aren’t enough for you, there are so many different designs that we, at Pinky’s Iron Doors offer our clients that no two homes with our doors will ever look the same.

However, for individuals who want complete freedom in all kinds of detailing for their doors, we offer the choice to create unique custom steel doors or custom wrought iron doors.

You can tailor just about any part of our doors, and here are the most popular ways people  choose to change it up with theirs.

Custom Additions: Sidelights and Transoms

These stylistic add-ons can take even one of our plainer designs turn it into a gorgeous entryway addition your guests will rave about. Transoms are essentially semi-circle shaped stylistic pieces to add on top of your door (works best with flat top iron entry doors).

On the other hand, sidelights are slim, rectangular additions that go on either side for some extra embellishment. The appeal of these two is that you could take some plain modern iron doors like the Air series and add transoms or sidelights to them for a classic detail.

Ornate Door Handle Detailing

You can also change up the handle. If our standard handles aren’t your style, you can order our intricate door handles that come in both geometrical shapes and curved S-shape outlines. Each of these door handles are custom made to suit your door color and material so you don’t have to worry about them looking out of place.

Countless Glass Choices

One huge element you can play around with our iron glass doors is the glass! We offer design options, such as ribbed, Flemish, Aquatex, rain, water cube and frost glass. Each of these options has its own unique look that can really bump up your door design.

We also offer Low-E glass and Ford Blue glass, each of which has its own utilitarian purpose. Low-E glass is great for insulation and sunlight reflection, whereas Ford Blue is tinted, with a mirror finish that affords you some privacy.

Arching Into The Sky

The kind of door shape you like says a lot about you as a person. More traditional people tend to order our arched doors. However, fans of contemporary iron doors tend to go for the sleek look with flat iron doors. Either way, we offer each design in arched, extra arched and flat door designs. 

Doubly Majestic or Singular Minimalism?

Lastly, depending on where you’re going to put your doors, you can choose either some double wrought iron doors or single iron doors. While double iron doors can often look a lot more formal, cozier homes may not have as much space, which is why there’s no reason not to get some more minimalistic single designs instead. 

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we try to make sure everything is made for your specific needs, which is why all our customizations can be made for our black steel doors, pocket steel doors, iron patio doors, iron French doors, steel sliding doors and more! 

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