5 Property Management Tips: Preparing a House for a Sale


Are you planning on listing your house and want it to sell fast for a good price? Prepping your home before any interested buyers come knocking on your front door is critical. Selling a house takes a lot of effort—you have to deal with showings, inspections, negotiations, appraisals, and need to keep up with the cleaning alongside everything else.

An appealing and clean home is likely to sell for much more compared to properties in undesirable conditions since buyers know that there won’t be too much work necessary for when they move in. Here’s how you can prep your home!

Make repairs

The first step in prepping your house is to take note of any large-scale or obvious reparations that need to be made, such as roof repairs, any problems with your iron doors, windows, or the plumping.

If you aren’t sure about what needs to be repaired, you can also get a home inspection done before your listing. This will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of any defects or issues on your property, and you can choose to either fix them or disclose the details to the buyer before they make their offer.


It’s time to freshen up your walls, cabinets, and iron doors next! Paint over any bright or bold colors with neutrals like eggshell or white, and touch up dirty or smudged areas on the baseboards, windowsills, and door frames. A freshly painted home can make your home look neat and clean while the neutral colors can appeal to every buyer.

Upgrade the curb appeal

Every buyer’s first impression of your home will be based on its exterior, so enhancing your curb appeal is extremely important. Take a walk around your home and assess whether it looks boring or messy. You’ll need to invest into sprucing the place up a little bit before you list it—weed the garden, mow the lawn, and trim the entire property to give make everything look well taken care of.

You can also repaint or change your entry door entirely, plant some seasonal flowers, add some hanging plants around your iron front door, and place a new welcome mat.

Clean it up

After all the heavy lifting work has been done, it’s time to clean the entire place. If you have the budget for it, you can hire professional cleaners for some super-detailed cleaning or do it yourself. Just make sure to be extremely thorough! Remember to clean the closets, drawers, cabinets, and appliances from the inside.


Change your doors!

High-quality iron or steel doors such at those from Pinky's Iron Doors can improve the resale value of your home by leaps and bounds. One of the main things that matters the most when you’re selling a house is the aesthetics—and our professional door designers know exactly how to create the most beautiful doors to enhance your entire home! From classic French doors and Dutch doors to modern pocket doors, we’ve got it all.

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