Designing the Dutch Steel Door Of Your Dream with Pinky’s

Dutch doors are a gorgeous feature in old homes, but they’ve recently been rising in popularity in modern homes through the use of sleeker materials and designs, such as steel doors with plenty of windowpanes.

These double-hung, half or split doors are an interesting option for an entrance that date back to the 17th century. This style of door is divided horizontally to create a split between the top and bottom parts of the doors, allowing them to be opened or closed independently or together with the help of a clamp.

Dutch doors are great for providing a barrier while still letting some fresh air flow through. If you’re thinking of getting a Dutch interior or exterior door, here are some designs that can inspire you!

Dutch steel door with windows

One of the main appealing parts of a Dutch door is the union of the outdoors and indoor area that they create by opening up. You can get a Dutch door with fixed glass at the top to act as a window and be able to look outside at the beautiful view without having to open it at all!

For an even more modern look, you can get glass panes installed in the bottom half of the door and achieve a unified look that can instantly elevate the beauty of your home. The number of windowpanes that you want in your door is completely up to you!

Colorful Dutch steel door

Dutch doors tend to make you imagine a cute little farmhouse with a brightly painted door. Why not get the same look in a more modern manner with a steel door instead! You can either paint your steel door by yourself in a variety of colors and finishes to get the exact look that you want or ask us to customize it according to your preferences.

Bring a pop of color to your home and add visual interest with a pastel yellow or blue, or maybe even a bright red, depending on the rest of your home’s décor.

Interior Dutch steel door

Dutch doors aren’t only for exterior doors! They’re an excellent addition to the interior of your home, and you won’t even have to worry about bugs. Dutch doors are great for dividing spaces while still keeping your eyes and ears on the occupants of a room, making them a great choice for people with pets or small children at home.

If you’re a parent that works from home or has lots of chores to get to while your child or pet distracts themselves with playtime, we can help you get the perfect Dutch steel door for the occasion.


Get your high-quality Dutch steel door today!

No matter what design you like, or even if you want to get something completely customized, we’ve got you covered! Check out Pinky’s Iron Doors collection of top-notch steel doors to find different door styles as classic French doors, arched doors, and bifold doors. Our professional designers and craftsmen produce only the highest quality of items to ensure their longevity.

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