Why Are French Iron Doors So Popular?

 A home’s French iron door entrance gateInspired by the Italian Renaissance, French iron doors were first seen in France many centuries ago. Even today, the French iron door is one of the favorite door styles of homeowners looking for modern, sophisticated, and trendy homes.  

Available in a variety of designs, customizable sizes, and trendy take on the classic wrought iron door, modern French iron doors are widely used across all of the US. French iron doors are not only limited to the home’s exteriors but have been adopted by designers to incorporate in the interior designs of the house too.

What is a French Iron Door?

Also known as wrought iron doors, French iron doors were invented by French artists in the 17th century. A wrought iron frame rolled into elegant designs and customized shapes and filled with tempered, textured, or plain glass makes a French iron door. Usually, a French iron door is referred to as a door design with two doors aligned together in a frame to be opened simultaneously or separately.

Why are French Iron Doors Popular?

Here’s why French iron doors are popular in 2022, and you should also install one in your home!


French iron doors are always in fashion. These classic French style wrought iron doors have always been a favorite of homeowners as they are elegant, modern, and remain connected to their artistic French roots.


The intricate designs on French iron doors make it a favorite of homeowners looking for elegance and sophistication. Install a decorative French iron door on the entrance for an impressive exterior, or use a French iron door to connect the living room with the patio. You can uplift your home’s aesthetics with these doors.

 Sunlight coming through in a home via French iron door


No matter what style of home you have, modern, classy, urban, or rustic, French iron doors are easily customizable. A French iron door with thin panels, a French iron door with textured glass, or a conventional two-sided French iron door with intricate designs can be built to cater to minimalist, grand, or trendy home interiors.

Enjoy Natural Light or the Views

In the early days of French iron doors in France, it was a preferred door style as it allowed natural sunlight in the homes and saved the expense of lanterns or candles. Over the years, as homeowners have been keen on adopting energy-efficient interior designs, French iron doors have regained popularity.

Due to the glass element on the wrought iron doors, French doors allow homeowners to enjoy direct sunlight during the day.

Uplift Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

If you want to uplift your home’s aesthetic appeal and enjoy the benefits of French iron doors, get in touch with us at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We offer a range of customizable and trendy French wrought iron doors and French steel doors across the US.


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