Can You Use a French Iron Door As A Front Door?

 A family standing in front of a French doorFrench iron doors are one of the most popular door styles in modern American homes. Many homeowners have let go of the traditional wooden doors and adopted French iron doors instead. Living rooms, patios, master bedrooms, and drawing rooms are often adorned with French iron doors.

However, if you are a homeowner who wants to set foot right from the entrance, consider installing a French iron door on your home’s entrance. Not only a French iron door will improve your curb appeal but also reflect on your classic taste.

Reasons to Use French Iron Door as Front Door

French iron doors have been in use ever since the 17th century. In recent years, American homeowners, who were introduced to French iron doors through European immigrants, have started to use them as front doors.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home or building a new home, here’s why you should install a French iron door at the entrance of your home.

Uplift Your Style Statement

A door is more than what the eye sees. A front door of the house reflects on the homeowner’s tastes, a knack for trendiness, and willingness to invest in the home’s aesthetics. By installing a French iron door at your home’s exterior, you’ll surely impress your guests and passerby people. A French iron door will say everything about your personality!

A home’s French iron entry door with planters

Improve Curb Appeal

No one can understate the importance of curb appeal. French iron doors can help you improve your curb appeal due to their intricate design, classic architectural inspiration, and aesthetic elegance. For the onlookers, visitors, and potential buyers, a home with a French iron door at the front is sure to catch the eye in contrast to an ordinary door.

Complement Your Home’s Interior

Gone are the days when front doors were just meant to provide safety and privacy. Now, modern interior designs look at front doors as an essential component of a home’s interior design. Luckily, French iron doors are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles to complement all home interior styles. Minimalist, maximalist, luxurious, simple, or trendy, you can opt for any style with a French iron door.

Customized and Personalized Iron Doors

 We at Pinky’s Iron Doors offer a wide range of French iron doors that can be customized according to your home’s interior and size needs. Get in touch with us to order iron doors and steel doors.


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