7 Ways to Transform Your Patio in South Dakota with Steel Doors

Did you purchase a home with a patio in South Dakota just because of its high resale value or your love for nature? Either way, it's only fair to make use of your patio to the fullest, whether to unwind or simply enjoy the good weather. However, using the wrong door for your patio can ruin the entire look of your patio's entrance!

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But steel doors are your savior here. Steel doors are extremely versatile and make a perfect patio door for many reasons. But if you aren't sure how to fully optimize your steel doors for the patio, here are some unique ways to help you. Follow this guide to transform your patio in South Dakota using steel doors.

Connect the Outside with Inside Using French Steel Doors

If your South Dakota home has a patio, you'll become a nature lover eventually. But when speaking of the latest trends, the current real estate market is all about finding ways to connect the inside world with the outside.

You can easily enjoy the outdoor view while enjoying a warm cup of tea in your living room. French steel doors feature stunning grid work and glass panes, a combination that further refines your property's aesthetic appeal.

Merge with Nature Using Sliding Steel Doors

Steel doors and windows are a great tool to merge with the outdoor space while staying within the premises of your home. If you're a nature lover who enjoys gardening and needs frequent access to their plants, invest in a sliding steel door for your patio.

You can swiftly slide your steel door open and close. It's also a great way to showcase your prized plant collection and show them to your family and friends.

Create a Majestic Patio Entrance with Arched Steel Doors

Want to create a majestic entrance to your patio? Nothing says majestic than an arched steel door. Arched steel doors are a great way to create a big and oversized entrance to your patio or even stay indoors and enjoy the view.

Arched steel doors have been trending a lot lately. Whether it's a French steel door or a Dutch steel door, there's an arched style for every type of steel door.

Let in More Daylight by Substituting a Wall for a Bi-Fold Steel Door

The latest trends are all about creating big and open spaces to allow as much light in as possible. And if you're a lover of bright and open spaces, you need to try this idea.

Ditch one of your patio-facing walls for an oversized bi-fold steel door to maximize the view and increase light flow into your home. Bi-fold steel doors are exceptionally aesthetically appealing and versatile. Open them up to create one big room connected to the outside world. And if you want to break the area in two, shut them close. Got an idea that's better than this? We doubt!

Make it Unique with a Top Window Above the Steel Door

Sometimes, the little add-ons to your steel doors, such as top windows, can take the game to the next level. While transoms are not standard, homeowners are aware of the idea. If you want something more unique, consider installing a steel window on top of your steel door.

While transoms are placed directly above the door and are connected to one another, top windows are positioned slightly higher. Some negative space is put between the steel top window and steel door to add an artistic touch to the view. Once installed, steel windows above steel doors help add character to the space while allowing more daylight in.

Enhance Patio Door Utility with Dutch Steel Doors

While most of the ideas above are for daylight or nature lovers, we have something in stock for those with pets or little children – Dutch steel doors. Sometimes you want to open up your patio doors to allow ventilation or simply let the sunlight in. But the fear of your children or pets running out stops you.

With a Dutch steel door, this won't be a concern anymore. Dutch steel doors are incredibly versatile, making them the perfect patio door for your home. Keep your pets and children safe while soaking up the sunlight by just opening up the top half of your Dutch steel door. Or want to let your children out to play but don't want the extra sunlight to warm up your home? Use the lower Dutch steel door. As we said, Dutch doors are super versatile and ideal for people with pets or children.

Style Patio Entrance with a Triangular Transom Above the Steel Door

You might have seen a handful of homes with transoms above their entry or patio doors. What shape were they? Arched or probably squared? If you opt for the same, there's nothing unique about that. But if you consider triangular, that's unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Triangular transoms above steel doors can elevate your patio's entrance. The symmetrical dimensions make it pleasing to look at while allowing extra sunlight to flood your home. Plus, it's a great way to improve the look of your empty walls while increasing access to daylight.

Which Idea Was Your Favorite?

These are just some of the unique ways you can customize steel doors to your liking. If you're interested in learning more about how magnificent steel doors can be for different areas of your South Dakota home, get in touch with Pinky's Iron Doors today!

We are iron and steel door experts in South Dakota who are here to transform your interior door game. Whether it's your interior door or front entrance, we can find the perfect iron or steel door to elevate your home's look. While we love entertaining custom orders, our ready-to-install iron and steel door collection is here for you if you're in the middle of home renovations.

Visit our website now to learn more about our iron and steel door customization services..


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