How to Design Your Utah Home’s Exterior: Colors and Accents

Decorating and designing a house’s exterior can be challenging without the right understanding of texture, colors, and accents. Whether you’re trying to choose the perfect iron door or pick the right lighting, it’s crucial to focus on the exterior design process. Here’s how to efficiently design your house’s exterior.

Ensure Symmetry at All Times

Designing a house is not an easy job. It involves a significant amount of focus and attention to detail, whether working on the interiors or exteriors. Most homeowners often worry about the symmetry of all the elements in their home design. When working with various components to design and decorate your house’s exteriors, you should always keep optimal symmetry in mind.

Symmetry is a crucial aspect of designing home exteriors because of the way it makes a house look ten times more pleasing than it is. Symmetrical shapes, patterns, and textures work together to highlight a house’s architectural features, getting it noticed by anyone who chooses to visit your home.

Whether you’re thinking of adding a pathway to your house’s exteriors or are looking to have geometrical shapes carved on your iron front door, make sure every element is 100% symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. This will instantly work with the rest of the exterior colors, creating a unique accent for your home without requiring much effort.

The patterns you choose for this symmetry can be random or complementary to the interior elements of your house.

Incorporate Lights Strategically

While lighting is an essential aspect of every home design, homeowners often forget its significance in a house’s exteriors. It’s because the lighting is a utility for a house’s interiors. On the other hand, lights work to focus on various elements of a house when incorporated outside. Therefore, another excellent way to make the interesting aspects of your home pop is by installing lights in all the right places.

This means choosing the right light colors and lighting mediums. Furthermore, it’s always good to work with exterior design experts to evaluate a house’s outdoors and look at it from a new perspective. This will allow you to determine which area of the house should be highlighted and which space is better off without a light. The lighting strategy you should use for your house’s exteriors will play a significant role in determining how your house looks during nighttime.

Some of the areas that your house’s lighting should hit are the garden, the windows, a patio, the stairways, and the front iron door. This won’t only make your home look breathtaking after dawn but will also increase visibility, allowing visitors to easily access your house’s entrance whenever they visit.

Add Plants and Greenery for Texture

Another crucial aspect of decorating a house’s exteriors is adding the right amount of texture. While choosing an iron or steel door can wonderfully do the job, if you want to add extra pizzazz to it, you can always count on plants, flowers, and greenery to meet this goal.

One of the best things about designing a house’s exterior is that you can never go wrong with plants, grass, and flowers. In fact, they’re the perfect additions to consider whenever you’re missing some color and excitement in your house’s outdoors. Add plants and shrubs in the extra space around your home, and add flowers where they’ll pop.

Work with a Coherent and Pleasing Color Palette

The color palette you work with for your house’s exterior will play an incredible role in bringing the entire house look together. This means you can’t throw in random colors to decorate an exterior. Regardless of the palette you work with, all the accents and colors should be clean, coherent, and complementary to the rest of the elements of the house.

For instance, if you’re going with a dark brown palette, you should consider going for similar earthy tones for the stairs, flooring, and the front door. An iron front door can be easily fabricated in such colors, making the job seamless and successful in no time.

Don’t Forget Seasonal Decorations

One thing that most American homes are widely known for globally is their seasonal decorations. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to think of how you can spruce up your house’s exteriors during important holidays.

Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, think about the colors that’ll go well with the rest of the exterior colors. This will instantly give your home the holiday spirit you’re looking for. From handmade wreaths on your iron door to Christmas lights, don’t forget the concepts of symmetry and color coordination during seasonal decoration processes.

Create a Signature Entryway

Lastly, pay significant attention to the most important part of your house’s exterior, the entryway. You can always take this opportunity to create a signature entryway by incorporating a single or double iron door as your house’s front door. Iron doors can be made in various sizes, designs, and colors, allowing you to achieve the perfect exteriors without any hassle.

Choosing the right accents, colors, and elements for your house’s exterior is just as essential as it is for the interiors. It’s because the exteriors of a house play an incredible role in enhancing a house’s overall curb appeal, strongly influencing people’s impression of your home. Thankfully, steel and iron doors are the best front door choices when looking for all exterior elements to come together. If you’re looking for the best quality iron doors, check out all the products available at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

It’s one of the most reliable and trustworthy door manufacturers and suppliers in Utah, frequently partnering with homeowners and remodelers to help them create the perfect home designs with its versatile collection of iron and steel doors. Regardless of the size and design of your home, you can now rely on us to find a wide range of entryway options, including iron doors, wrought iron doors, steel doors, entry doors, front doors, and more. Check out our custom doors here, or contact us for further information today!




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