House Flipping 101: 8 Home Improvements To Consider For Your Next Project In Indiana


House flipping isn’t as fun or glamorous as it looks on TV, but it’s definitely a very lucrative venture in the real estate industry. However, not everyone is great at flipping homes—there are some major limitations you need to consider.

If flipping homes was all about making homes visually appealing with new doors and windows and doors and fancy fixtures, interior and architectural designers would’ve been thriving. On the other hand, if it was all about practicality, contractors would be great at it. But the truth is, house flipping is about both. You have to make the house pretty but also functional—and everything has to be done on a budget.

Needless to say, not everyone is great at achieving this balance between pretty and practical—but you can.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Upgrade To Modern Front Doors For A Great First Impression

During house flipping, there are very few things on which you should really spend, and the entrance doors are one of those. The front entry doors are going to be the first point of focus for most potential buyers that walk through them—they’ll set the tone for the rest of their tour ahead.

An old dingy entry door will set a bad impression and would discourage buyers from the get-go—you don’t want that. So, upgrade to a modern front door; you can install glass front doors for a sleeker look or look into some other front door ideas that work with the overall architecture.

Install French Patio Doors To Bring The Outdoors In

While we’re focusing on exterior doors, you may also want to consider upgrading the patio doors. If the house has got a great, spacious patio, you’re already winning with this project, but you need to make the most of this space.

Make the patio as visually stunning as you can while staying within a budget. We suggest starting with new French exterior doors. They’ll instantly uplift the entire vibe of your space and serve as beautiful indoor-outdoor elements, i.e., they will add to the home’s curb appeal while also adding character to the home’s interior.


Create An Illusion Of Space

One thing most people are looking for in homes these days is big open spaces. These spaces are segmented strategically by furniture and decor placement but are primarily large rooms meant as a common space for the whole family.

So, what we’re suggesting is that you knock down the walls between the living room, dining area, kitchen, study, and similar spaces to create one large open area. This won’t cost you a lot and would be a great selling point. If you want, you can install steel and glass room dividers in some places or large bi-fold doors to make these spaces more functional.

Focus On The Main Bedroom

The main or primary bedroom is something a lot of buyers consider before buying a house. It makes sense to make it impressive and livable.

We suggest doing simple upgrades like new flooring, a new modern bedroom door, some new French closet doors or closet barn doors, and some gorgeous lighting fixtures.

Modernize The Kitchen

If you’ve been in the real estate for a while, you probably know that most of us aren’t selling houses; we’re selling kitchens. It’s the most straightforward hack for successful house flipping.

For most buyers, kitchens are deal-breakers—they’ll compromise on several other elements as long as the kitchen is to their liking. So, spend some effort and money on upgrading the kitchen. This could mean new pantry doors, some French exterior doors leading out of the kitchen, or perhaps a charming little Dutch door.

Also, consider freshening up the cabinets and ensuring the kitchen is well-lit with artificial lights and natural light flooding in from large steel windows.

Install New Steel Windows To Brighten Up The Interiors

Speaking of steel windows, you need some in the rest of the house too, not just in the kitchen.

Bright light can make the house look more spacious, which can help attract more buyers. Ideally, make sure that all rooms in the house are getting plenty of sunlight through large glass doors and windows.


Consider Adding An Extra Room

While we did talk about knocking down a few walls to create bigger rooms, it can also be worthwhile to add new rooms.

Obviously, you can’t add more square feet to the house, but you can break an impractical larger space into smaller, functional rooms using room dividers. These extra spaces could be used as a home office, storage area, or playroom. You can get a similar effect by using bi-fold doors, accordion doors, or simple sliding doors too.

The extra room could be a significant selling point for certain buyers—don’t overlook its importance.

Add Modern And Minimalistic Touches To The Interior

In general, when flipping a house, achieving a modern and minimalistic vibe should be your go-to strategy. Most people are looking for such houses these days, so you’ll have no shortage of potential buyers, but minimalism will also help you stay within a budget.

Ideally, paint the house in a neutral color—one shade for the whole space. Moreover, stick to simpler fixtures and add-ons like iron and steel doors, simple flooring, and casual lighting fixtures.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can start by choosing windows and doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors for your home flipping project in Indiana. We offer a beautiful range of iron doors and steel doors, including French doors, pocket doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, patio doors, Dutch doors, and several different types of interior doors.

We also have stunning front doors for homes, including modern front doors, glass front doors, double front doors, front doors with sidelights, black front doors, and other decorative and contemporary front doors.

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