How to Compliment Different Interior Designs with Steel Doors in Idaho

While interior designers know exactly how to match a striking exterior with a seamless interior, their asking rate can be somewhat hefty for many homeowners. That’s where Pinky’s Iron Doors’ interior design knowledge comes in.

Keep reading to know how to match your interior décor with steel windows and doors in Idaho, especially if you’re someone who can’t tell a modern design from a traditional design.

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An AIR 5 – Double Flat for a Modern Design

The modern style has nothing to do with current trends. It’s inspired by the Modernism movement, which dates back to 1920, so there’s nothing trendy about it. This interior design allows wood, metal, steel, and glass furnishings in neutral or monochrome colors.

The interior features are kept to a minimum and feature clean lines. On the other hand, the furniture has exposed legs, so none of the upholstery must touch the floor.

If your furniture has black metal legs, match it with an AIR 5 – Double Flat door. Make the most of its clean lines and glass panes by flaunting it as a modern front door, or install it as a patio door between your living room and a backyard.

An AIR Dutch – Single Flat for a Traditional Design

A traditional style features older designs, but that doesn’t have to mean they’re outdated. ‘Old is gold’ is the key phrase for traditional home décor. Think, entering the home and thinking, ‘I’m home!’ That’s the vibe you need to go for.

A warm and welcoming home design mainly features wood furnishings in lighter or darker shades but never both simultaneously. The furniture must be upholstered, claw-footed, and look regal and extra.

Dutch door is perfect for a home that’s all about elegant columns and symmetry. Install an AIR Dutch – Single Flat between a traditional kitchen and living room. You can also have it as an interior door at a staircase landing to make your space a lot more child-safe.

An AIR 4 – Bi-fold for a Contemporary Design

A contemporary design is what you thought a modern design was. It’s based on current trends, which are fluid. However, as of right now, they dictate that the inside of your home be simple and sophisticated.

In other words, it must be uncluttered, fresh, and shiny. You can achieve this feat using stainless steel fixtures, glass panes, and white oak. Contemporary furniture has exposed legs and a no-nonsense, no-frills design like its modern counterpart.

Since contemporary décor emphasizes geometry and open, uncluttered spaces, we suggest keeping things clean with an accordion door like the AIR 4 – Bi-fold. Not only does this patio door fold in on itself when opened, but it also features large glass panes for a more open look, making your interior look wider.

An AIR Lite – Double Flat for an Industrial Design

The industrial style is inspired by manufacturing plants, featuring exposed brick and metal as far as the eye can see. Industrial decors combine sky-high ceilings, exposed beams, weathered wood, and concrete floors with open-plan layouts with only the bare essentials. In other words, lots of negative space.

There are several ways to accomplish an open-plan space without turning to studios and lofts. All you have to do is balance the brickwork with factory style steel interior doors and windows.

For instance, take the AIR Lite – Double Flat. This steel door is practically made of two large glass panes with a steel border. Install this interior door alongside factory-style steel room dividers and encasement windows between rooms to make your space look bigger and more, you guessed it, industrial.

An AIR Dutch – Single Full Arch for a Transitional Design

A transition style is all about transitioning between the old and new. It takes something from the old and borrows some of the new to give you the greatest interior design. The best thing about the transitional home décor is that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get with it.

Apart from neutral shades, there’s really nothing concrete about a transitional style, which gives you the freedom to alternate between old and new fixtures as you see fit.

As for us, we believe the AIR Dutch – Single Full Arch would be the perfect interior door for a home office, kitchen, or patio. This Dutch door may feature traditional glass panes, but there’s nothing traditional about the fact that you can open the top half separately from the bottom half of this steel door.

A Custom Door for a Hollywood Regency Design

And now, for something a little different, the Hollywood Regency design is inspired by 1930s Hollywood. It’s all about gold, glam, and glitter, and the perfect design for those who aren’t afraid to go all-out on the bling element.

If minimalism is on one end of the scale, Hollywood Regency

occupies the other end. It features furniture dating back to the Victorian era with velvet or silk upholstery and gilt-edged everything arranged just so they’re hard to ignore.

Do you know what else is hard to ignore? A custom door like the AIR 5 – W/ Sidelights Double Full Arch. The interior double door not only features a full arch and matching sidelights, but it’s also got T-bars with individual glass panes that show off your interior in all its golden glory. If you aren’t afraid to go Hollywood Regency throughout your home, install this interior door from room to room to let the décor flow interrupted.

Go ahead and place a special or custom order at Pinky’s Iron Doors, where you can find wrought iron doors and steel doors that are second to none and have them delivered to your home or store in Idaho.

Explore our collection to find single and double interior doors and windows of all kinds, and have them customized for size, shape, color, and other features. Add a transom, sidelight, or both to your steel door to give it a different look.

Contact us to discuss your steel door requirements today.


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