A House Flipper’s Guide to Using the Right Iron Doors for Their Project

When it comes to perfecting a house flipping project, using the right fixtures and furnishings is key. If you want to wow your clients, make sure you use sleek, stunning, and timeless interior and exterior doors.

Over the years, iron doors have become a staple across the nation. The gorgeous doors are known for their sophisticated appeal, budget-friendliness, and impressive quality. By checking off all the boxes, they enable real estate investors and interior designers to pull off a successful house flip.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we stock a wide range of modern iron doors to help house flippers close a great deal. Looking for inspiration? Continue reading!

1. Iron Patio Doors

The patio is your property’s moneymaker. By creating a cozy, relaxing, and tranquil ambience, you can add a ton of $$$ to your property.

Start off by indulging in neutral carpeting, wall accessories, tables, chairs, and décor. Balance the earthiness of these warm elements with bold black fixtures. In this case, these eye-catching elements are iron patio doors and a deep black lamp mounted on the wall.

Iron patio doors have the incredible ability to breathe life into dull, monotonous, and lackluster spaces. Their black finishing balances the minimalism of the interior spaces. This is a great way to retain balance, and make the property look inviting and captivating.

Click here for a closer look at the benefits of installing iron patio doors in your home.

2. Iron French Doors

If you’re a seasoned house flipper, we’re sure you’re familiar with iron French doors. As a favorite among real estate investors and interior designers, iron French doors offer the best of both worlds. They look great, and cost even better.

The affordable doors are designed to make any interior space look more enlivened and engrossing. Whether you incorporate them into the kitchen, master bedroom, living room, dining area, pantry, guest bedroom, or any other interior space, you’ll manage to increase the overall aesthetic appeal by several notches.

Opt for single iron French doors or double iron French doors based on the specific design requirements of your clientele.

3. Iron Front Doors

A luxurious entryway is your golden ticket to even the most hard-to-please client’s heart. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we stock sophisticated iron entry doors that make a big splash. From the quality to the intricate detailing to the finishing, we cover all the bases to ensure your clients are taken aback with surprise in the best way possible. You can also opt for custom iron front doors.

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Looking for more inspiration? Our collection also includes steel sliding doors, steel front doors, wine cellar doors, and a wide range of other options. Start browsing through our collection to make your house flipping project a big success. If you’re looking for more house flipping tips and tricks, keep up with our blog!


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