Iron French Doors: Inspiration by Pinky’s Iron Doors

Known as the crème de la crème of residential doors, iron French doors are in a league of their own. The eye-catching doors are known for offering incredible aesthetic appeal and standing the test of time. If you’re looking for high-quality doors that don’t require a ton of maintenance, iron French doors should be your go-to.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we stock a wide range of unique designs to help you find your favorites. Whether your home is bathed in minimalist décor, bohemian furnishings, or transitional design, you’ll manage to find a pair of iron French doors that check off all the boxes. Continue reading for some inspiration!

1. Single Iron French Doors

Also known as one of the most versatile residential doors, single iron French doors are a classic. Whether you’re looking for new modem iron doors for your living room, dining space, master bedroom, kitchen, pantry, or even the entryway, these chic doors will fit right in.

As iron French doors continue to gain traction across the nation, they’re being replaced by other alternatives like wooden doors. We recommend pairing your new doors with warm fixtures and furnishings to make your home look more tranquil and cozy.

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2. Double Iron French Doors

Today, double iron French doors are the new go-to among homeowners who want to make their home look more luxurious. The sophisticated doors create the illusion of a longer and wider entryway. This makes them perfect for smaller spaces that still need that extra oomph and pizzazz. And if your property is already larger-than-life, these gorgeous doors will make it appear more refined.

3. Arched Iron French Doors

We saved the best for last! As one of our bestselling doors, arched iron French doors are a sight for sore eyes. Their curved finishing makes both interior and exterior spaces feel cozier. If you’re not a fan of flat doors, you’ll love the softness and elegance of these doors.

While arched iron French doors are popularly used as entry doors, they can also be incorporated into interior spaces. We recommend pairing them with a neutral palette to retain interior balance and harmony. As the whites and pastels of your interior color palette play with the strong black finishing of our arched iron French doors, the outcome will pack a powerful punch.

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Whether you’re giving your home a mini makeover or a grand remodel, make sure you use the right doors. Start browsing through our complete collection of iron French doors to find your favorites. We also stock steel entry doors, steel sliding doors, steel patio doors, and wine cellar doors, among a wide range of other unique door styles. You can also opt for custom doors and windows to ensure your unique design and size requirements are met to a tee.


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