Add a Classic Touch to Your Arizona Home with These Beautiful French IronDoors

“Sois belle à ta façon”—French for being beautiful in your own way!

France has been considered the center of culture since the 17th Century. The French community has inspired many phenomenal art pieces and cultural elements, and French doors are nothing less than a work of art!

French doors first originated in the 17th Century and made such a significant mark that they remain an important part of our lives to this day. If you want to add a classic touch to your Arizona home, there's nothing better than adding one of these classic French iron doors. Here are some stunning designs for you.

Traditional French Iron Doors

If your Arizonian home has a traditional architectural style, there is nothing better that'll suit your home than a traditional French-style iron door.


Traditional French iron doors are made using an iron frame in a grid style and glass panels. This style allows an excessive flow of light into your home; it makes your room look bigger and brighter. Moreover, it allows for a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoor space.


Double Height French Iron Doors

Sometimes it's fun to ditch the typical style and go for something unique. Rather than using a small door with glazed frames, go with double-height French iron doors.

Double height French iron doors make your entrance magnificent while replacing most of your wall with a glass-paneled door. This makes your space look bigger and more open. Keep it light and bright with a white iron frame, or consider a black for a dark and elegant vibe.


Arched French Iron Doors

Arched doors are great for old-style Arizonian homes. If you want to add the beauty of an arched door without dulling the entrance of your modern or contemporary home, mix things up with an arched French iron door.


Even if you don't go oversized, arched style helps make your entrance look bigger than it already is. Plus, the grid style of a French iron door adds a delicate appeal to your home.


French Iron Doors with Glazing

Sometimes it's good to go big or go home. French iron doors are super versatile due to the million customization options you have. If you're over the look and idea of a simple French iron door, spruce things up by adding adjacent glazing to surround your French iron door.

The surrounding glazing helps open up the room by getting rid of the solid wall and adding glass panes to make your place brighter. Whether you want to enjoy the first snowfall of the season or love the sound of rain crashing against a glass pane, a French iron door with adjacent glazing adds perfection to any home.


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