Elegant Steel Doors for Your Minimalistic Contemporary Home in California

The entrance of your home can make or break the overall vibe of your California home. Spending thousands of dollars on a home only to have your main entrance ruined is what nightmares are made of.

That's why it's always best to invest in a steel door. Other than increasing the overall worth of your home, these doors create a beautiful and breath-taking entrance. Contrary to the belief that steel doors add a heavy and old-fashioned look, they can be a great addition to your minimalistic contemporary Californian property.

Wondering how a steel door will fit into your contemporary home? Here are three fool-proof and tested designs.

Air 4 Bi-Fold 

Our Air 4 series is specifically made for modern and contemporary homes. Since such home styles are all about maintaining openness in space, this steel door is ideal for a sophisticated entrance.

Elegant Steel Doors for Your Minimalistic Contemporary Home in California

Air 4 Bi-Fold is a piece of art that features simple horizontal bars and glass panels for the perfect combination of contemporary and classic. The accordion design sets it apart from the rest of the collection.

If you have an eye for uniqueness, this one might be hard to pass!

Air 4 Double Full-Arch French Steel Door

If you want to stick to the classic, how can we leave this beautiful piece of art?

Since the Air series is all about keeping it light and elegant, we have used an arched door's classic and rustic style and combined it with French-style to create this masterpiece.

The Double Full-Arch Steel Door features a double door style that can be made to the size of a normal door or a little oversized for a grander look. Its sophisticated placement of the horizontal bars with elegant matte black steel makes it a perfect addition to your Californian contemporary home.

Getty Thermally Broken Double Flat

Our Getty series is all about class, sophistication, and elegance! Even though the doors are 2 inches thick, their design and appearance don't give a heavy and stuffy look.

Elegant Steel Doors for Your Minimalistic Contemporary Home in California

To make it fit a contemporary home, we add glass panes to allow the flow of natural light. Moreover, it's fitted with a beautiful border design at the bottom. If you love to maintain your privacy and want a glass door that doesn't give it all away, the Getty Thermally Broken Double Flat is perfect for you.

Loving Our Designs? Here's What You Should Do Next!

This is just a glimpse of some of our finest steel doors. If you've fallen in love with these, don't rush through your decision yet. Visit Pinky's Iron Doors to scroll through tens of other designs we have in store for you.

We have a vast collection of steel entry doors and iron front doors that's deemed to make any house look extra. Since California offers exquisite beauty to its residents, why should your home look any less?

Visit our website to find the best steel door for your California home.


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